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The short story, “The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County,” was written very well and it intrigued me.  It was interesting how the story described Simon Wheeler as dumb, bald, and a moron, where in reality he was actually very clever and even made remarks that made fun of the narrator.  Also, when Jim Smiley, who would bet and trick everybody so he would win, got to the dog fight, I thought the humor was excellent when he had to fight a dog with only two legs.  First of all, Jim’s dog couldn’t win because he won by latching onto the two back legs and also a dog could not really survive with only two legs.

The way we handled independent reading in the 3rd quarter was really good, I liked it a lot.  I liked how I got some class time to catch up on my reading and I liked the way we got to interact with our classmates after we read.  I also liked getting some points towards our grade for being prepared and reading in class.  It helped me a lot with my reading and understanding of my book.

My first impressions on Huck Finn are that I really enjoy it so far.  It has been a good read through the first chapter and I am interested as to how it will end.  I think this story will be about his adventures being in a robber gang with Tom Sawyer.  The type of story this will be is that of adventure along with a lot of action.


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