My experience with satire and humor is TV and comedian related.  The humor type that I like the most is self-enhancing humor.  Self-enhancing humor is being able to joke with yourself and find the good humor in everyday life.  An example is

Mark Twain was an American writer who wrote The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.  His writing style is part of what made him so successful.  His use of social commentary is much more subtle than than the satire of other writers.  Something that I find very interesting is that his book The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn was based on a real person.  That person was a young misfit who float down the Mississippi River with a slave named Jim.  I cannot wait to read that book.

Blog 19 Vertigo

The film Vertigo, by Alfred Hitchcock, is a very unique film.  Part of it being unique is due to the fact that it was made in 1958 and I am used to movies made in the 2000’s.  I thought that there were some parts that were kind of odd and strange, but there were also some parts that were interesting to me.  One thing that I liked in the film was the murder scene and the way that Gavin tricked Scottie with who really fell out that window and died.  That seems kind of odd that I would like that scene, but it is the kind of thing that I enjoy watching in films.  Another part of the movie that I really liked was right at the end when the nun came up the stairs and spooked Judy, and then rang the bell.  I liked it because at the time it was totally random and thought it was quite funny actually.  Something that I didn’t like, though, was how awkward Hitchcock was when he dressed up Judy in the exact same clothes and makeup to look like Madeline.  It was kind of a little creepy the way he did that.  Also the kissing scenes were way too fake, it seemed as if they were licking each other’s cheeks.  It was very weird.  My critique of the film was overall pretty decent, but there were some things that could have been better.  What could have been better was the acting.  The acting seemed almost fake at times and was just too predictable to me.  Also, the music was effective at times, but other times I think it could have been better especially when the two women fall out of the window.  There could have been some better dramatic music and maybe some dark and eerie music also.  Overall, the film was good besides not being able to watch the first half of it.


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End of Song

The poem, “Song of Myself,” was a very one and I came to understand why it is considered one of the best in American literature.  It was amazing to me how one thing in the poem, means something totally different and could be interpreted in many different ways depending on your viewpoint.  My favorite section other than my own is section nine.  I like that section the best because it talks about jumping off of the top of a barn into some hay.  He was very joyful and proud of himself and his accomplishments.  He was acting like a child and I liked this part of the poem because it reminds us that every once and a while we need to act like a child and just have fun and forget all of our troubles in life.  This poem is definitely one of the most influential poems of American literature and there are elements of the poem that are still reflected in our society today.  I see some of these specific elements in section six where it says ” It may be you are from old people, or from offspring taken soon out of their mothers’ laps.”  What this means is that the mother is the nurturer, everyone in society is connected somehow, and society is driven by everyone.  All of these are true still to this day in our society.  Another statement from section six that contributes to society is “And to die is different from what any one supposed, and luckier.”  This statement from the poem means that each individual’s death contributes to our society in some way and that is still true to this day.  A death affects a lot of things and a lot of people.  Some questions I have about the work is what year did this poem become and be considered such a classic of American literature?  Another question that I have is who was the first person to ever read “Song of Myself” besides Walt Whitman?  I would rate this poem as a nine out of ten after fully dissecting it, it was a very good read.



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