Independent Reading

The purpose of independent reading is to ensure that students can still read and are keeping up on their education through books.  As a school, to ensure and make kids read more is we could make one book for an actual grade and then for every other book we read per marking period, it could be an extra two bonus points.  The first book that I picked for the third quarter was When the Game Stands Tall.  I selected this book because I have seen the movie and it is an incredible sports story and I want to see how the book relates to the movie.  I just picked my book today so I have not had time to read any of it, but what I think is going to happen in the first chapter is it will give an intro into the sports program and its history.  It will explain and give reports about what happens in their football games during their historic record of 151 games in a row.  A concern that I have about making this book trailer is that I am not quite sure how I am going to do it yet and am hoping that it is not very hard to do.   But, I do think that it will be cool to watch once we are all done and it will get more students to read if they can watch a book trailer on the book.  It is a pretty cool idea in my mind and I hope that my trailer turns out to be good.



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