Blog 10: 3,2,1

The article that I chose to read was written by Jeremy Lin, an Asian-American basketball player who is in the NBA, and adapted by the Newsela staff.  The issue that he was discussing was bullying and how bullying is not good and needs to be stopped.  He experienced bullying and harassment while playing collegiate basketball at Harvard University.  Opposing fans would shout offensive things like, “You’re a Chinese import, and Go back to China!”  These comments made him play horrible and he let it  really get under his skin, and sadly the bullying transpired to when he played in the NBA as well.

Bullying is not an issue and should not be pressed as such a big deal.  There are many benefits to being bullied, people just do not realize it.  Bullying makes you stronger.  One California study with children ages eleven and twelve said, “Children who returned hostility with hostility appeared to be the most mature.”  The study also stated, “Mutual dislike can help students develop healthy social and emotional skills – and can sometimes have a bigger impact on their development than friendships.”
Another piece of evidence that I found from that study is that girls who did the same were more popular and more admired by teachers and peers.  The evidence that I have found indicates to me that bullying can be good for you in many ways and it is not always bad and it should not be such a big issue.

On an emotional level…  Even though people who are bullied get upset and sad, they become more brave and more self confident in themselves.  If a kid was once shy, after getting bullied they will not be so shy and will get a better personality afterwards.  Everybody thinks that kids who get teased and picked on get emotionally hurt on the inside, but in reality they get pissed off and need to fight back.  Show the bully who is boss so he or she leaves you alone.  If you do not show that their bullying is hurting you, they will stop because they are looking for a reaction out the kid they are bullying.

Ethically it would seem wrong for people to say that bullying is okay and just, but actually that is the truth.  Don’t you think kids need someone to pick on them and show them their flaws so that they can fix themselves and become a better them?  Many people agree with that statement and so do I.  Bullying for children is a good way to start maturing and growing into a young adult.





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15 Virtues

When reading the Benjamin Franklin paper, I became very curious as to how Ben Franklin thought that anyone let alone himself could perfect the thirteen virtues he created.  I knew that it would be impossible to not break one of the virtues and when I tested it, I was right.  The one that I thought would be the hardest to not do was industry, which I defined as wasting time on social media, or really wasting your time doing anything when you should be doing something productive.  When starting my checklist on Wednesday, I found that I wasted a lot of time each day on my phone when I should be doing schoolwork or anything worth my time.  It was definitely the most challenging virtue to try not to violate due to the fact that you have so much time during the day and you spend much of that time on electronics.  Another virtue that I thought would be very hard was temperance.  Temperance is not eating or drinking to access, meaning that you do not drink until you’re drunk and you do not eat until you are so full you kind of go sleepy.  I tried to be really good with this one but the temptation of food got to me this weekend.  I was in Towanda with the basketball team for a tip-off  tournament.  We played Friday at 7:30 and after we won, we went back to our hotel and started to eat like crazy.  I was eating chips, chocolate, chugging Gatorade, really anything I saw I was eating it because I was so hungry.  Then after all of the junk food, most of the team walked over to the Sheetz by the hotel and got some made to go orders.  I got a huge chicken sandwich with bacon, pickles, ranch, cheese, and a bag of fries.  It was delicious.  But after I was done, I was so full I felt sick to my stomach, and well you can probably guess what happened next…  At the end of my experiment with the virtues, I came to the same conclusion as Ben Franklin himself: It was realistically impossible to follow the virtues and be the “perfect’ person.




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