My Story

The six word short story that I picked was “He lied. She cried. He died.” I picked this one because as soon as I read this line, my mind immediately went to a murder scene. I thought of a husband lying to his wife and she got upset and killed him. My general idea for my story is that a husband lies to his wife saying that he is going to meetings when he is actually going over to one of his student’s apartments to “hook up.” This goes on for a while until the wife becomes suspicious and asks the other professors he was supposedly going to meetings with and they said they had no such meetings. Then the next time he said he was going to a meeting, she decided to follow him in her car. What she saw when his car stopped shook her to the core. She saw him at his student’s house and that pissed her off. She went home and waited for him to return home. When he did, she confronted him of his actions that evening and when he denied everything, she got out a gun and killed him. My idea came from the show on Netflix that I am currently watching. It is “How to Get Away With Murder.” What happens in it is a group of law students that a professor picked, called the Keating 5, commit and frame other people for murder. They also work as defense attorneys and try to get people to not go to prison, even if they are guilty. This made me think of cheating and despair, with a murder scene to wrap it all up. My initial concept has changed a lot through our work with setting and character development. I got to know more about the time I placed my setting in through our research. This made the way my characters act seem almost acceptable. My characters went from not really having any real world qualities and such, but then having to think from the perspective of each character, I got to see and make up two amazing characters that make my story work.

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