My Week

My week went pretty well.  The school week went by so slow, though.  The worst day of the week was the first day of school because it went by super slow and we didn’t do anything all day.  The best day of the school week was obviously Friday, since that meant the end of the week and it was time to relax.  On Saturday, I found out that I could pretty much be “in the game” with anybody while playing ping pong.  Then on to Sunday…  On Sunday, I woke up at 4:30 in the morning and drove to Olean, New York to go to the St. Bonaventure Bonnies’ 2017 Baseball Prospect Camp.  From 10:00 until 2:00, my day was filled with baseball, which is heaven to me.  St. Bonaventure is a Division 1 school in the middle of a mountain and at the start of the camp it was VERY hot, an astonishing 48 degrees!  I liked everything about the baseball facilities and the school itself, except for the fact that their school colors are brown and yellow.  Then my fun weekend was over and I had to get school back in my mind for Monday.  I learned many things about my classmates that I did not know.  The most interesting thing that I learned was that Katy had around 30 first cousins….only on one side of her family!!  That was crazy to me since I only have 8 first cousins all together.  My favorite movie is Creed.  It is a boxing movie that features Rocky Balboa from the Rocky movies and also Apollo Creed’s son, who also was in the Rocky movies.  It is set in Philadelphia, PA.  Adonis Creed, who the movie is about, wants to make a name for himself and doesn’t tell people he is Apollo Creed’s son, since Apollo died and Adonis was his son, who Apollo had with a mistress.  By the end, Adonis takes on his dad’s last name and goes into a fight with the reigning champ.  Everybody thought Creed didn’t have a chance, but he stayed the fight the whole time.  Adonis lost by the judges’ decision, but he won the fight in many people’s eyes and gained respect in the boxing world.