My Story

The six word short story that I picked was “He lied. She cried. He died.” I picked this one because as soon as I read this line, my mind immediately went to a murder scene. I thought of a husband lying to his wife and she got upset and killed him. My general idea for my story is that a husband lies to his wife saying that he is going to meetings when he is actually going over to one of his student’s apartments to “hook up.” This goes on for a while until the wife becomes suspicious and asks the other professors he was supposedly going to meetings with and they said they had no such meetings. Then the next time he said he was going to a meeting, she decided to follow him in her car. What she saw when his car stopped shook her to the core. She saw him at his student’s house and that pissed her off. She went home and waited for him to return home. When he did, she confronted him of his actions that evening and when he denied everything, she got out a gun and killed him. My idea came from the show on Netflix that I am currently watching. It is “How to Get Away With Murder.” What happens in it is a group of law students that a professor picked, called the Keating 5, commit and frame other people for murder. They also work as defense attorneys and try to get people to not go to prison, even if they are guilty. This made me think of cheating and despair, with a murder scene to wrap it all up. My initial concept has changed a lot through our work with setting and character development. I got to know more about the time I placed my setting in through our research. This made the way my characters act seem almost acceptable. My characters went from not really having any real world qualities and such, but then having to think from the perspective of each character, I got to see and make up two amazing characters that make my story work.

Fair Week

My fair week overall was pretty good.  I worked at the helicopter taking pictures of the people who went for rides.  I also ate a good amount of food.  But, one day stood out from all the rest…

On Friday night, Zoey and I went to the Dustin Lynch concert.  It was a beautiful day on Friday, though it was a bit chilly.  We both thought the weather was going to be very nice that night, but wow were we wrong…  The opening performer, William Michael Morgan, started to play his songs.  About twenty minutes went by with very nice weather and the concert was great.  Then, while Dustin Lynch’s crew was getting ready to come out, I felt a few raindrops hit my head.  I looked over at Zoey and said, “I am not getting wet, I am not wearing clothes that should get wet.”

She replied, “I agree, we might have to get out of here early.”  We stood there for a few more minutes and then absolute disaster struck.  It started to absolutely pour outside and Zoey and I, along with everyone else on the track were getting soaked.  Then, DING, a light bulb went off in my head.  I looked up to my left towards a whole empty section of seats up in the grandstand.  I looked over to Zoey and motioned towards the grandstand.  She looked at me and immediately headed for the seats, leaving me in the dust.  As we arrived to the last section of seats, the security guy asked to see our tickets.  I said, “Sir, we have tickets for the track but do not want to get wet, can we please sit up there?”  He was contemplating in his head if he should let us or not.  then he finally nodded his head yes and I felt very relieved.  We then sat in the 4th row up because the seats before that were a little wet.  As we were sitting, the wind started to blow the rain all over us!  I thought to myself, “You have got to be kidding me.”  So we moved up to about the 12th row and it was dry finally.  After all the hassle of trying to be dry, we enjoyed the show.Image result for dustin lynch concertImage result for helicopter bloomsburg fair

Defending a Theme

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“I came to coach basketball players, and you became students. I came to teach boys, and you became men.”  The theme of the movie “Coach Carter” is that no matter your current situation, if you have respect and responsibility you will make it in life.  The setting of where the movie takes place, the protagonist, the tone, and mood all play big roles in identifying the theme.

The setting was a big part in the theme.  The setting is what makes the part of the theme, “No matter your current situation.”  The setting is set in the projects and ghettos of Richmond, California in the year 1999.  The basketball players had to grow up in this very poor city, and this gave them the attitudes and backgrounds that they grew up with.  The protagonist in this film is Coach Ken Carter.  He supports the theme because he is the one that influences the basketball players to treat one another and everyone around them with respect.  He makes them call him Sir and their teachers Sirs and Madams.  He also taught them to be responsible.  They learned responsibility by needing to have a C+ average in school, to wear dress clothing attire on game days, and staying away from getting in trouble with the law.  The tone and mood used in this movie have a very big effect on the theme.  The tone is extremely serious.  Coach Carter uses a serious tone to prove his dominance over his players so they will listen to him and follow his “rules.”  The mood is optimistic.  An optimistic mood helps the theme because Coach Carter is hopeful for the basketball season and also his players’ futures.  He makes them believe that if they grow from boys to men, they will make it out of Richmond and make a life for themselves, which very few black males did at the time.

The theme “no matter your current situation, if you have respect and responsibility you will make it in life” is very appropriate for this inspirational sports movie.  As the movie progresses, with gaining respect and responsibility from their coach and his actions towards them, the basketball players make it out of the projects, go to college, and make a name for themselves.

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Blog #2

During the week of class that we spent going over terminology, I learned some new terms about the elements of short stories that I never knew before.  What we discussed made me change my mind a little about how I look at short stories.  I learned to read into short stories more than I usually do.   I learned to dissect each part of the story and also look into the characters to assign them their roles in the story.  One term I want to discuss is the way we understand a character based on the economic situation in the setting.  One of my favorite stories is the movie “Coach Carter.”  The economic situation reveals a ton about the characters.  It is set in the ghettos of Richmond, California.  Just by the first scene in the movie of ghettos and basketball players, you can already tell that the characters are going to be very poor and it is going to be a redemption story of poor ballers from the ghetto that make it big.  This changes the way I look at the story because the first time I watched “Coach Carter” I never realized how much just the setting of where the movie took place would have such an impact.  The economic setting adds to my understanding because it makes you aware of why the characters act how they act.  Also, the poor setting adds to why the basketball players cannot afford ties to wear to their games.  Week two was better than week one in many ways.  My classes went way smoother than the first week and I enjoyed them more.  We actually started doing some classwork and discussing things in classes.  The only thing about week two is that Anatomy is a bit rough at the moment.  I’m not understanding some of the content and it is a bummer.  But, overall week two has been better and less boring than week one.  Also, college football started in week two and that was the highlight of my week! Image result for college football

My Week

My week went pretty well.  The school week went by so slow, though.  The worst day of the week was the first day of school because it went by super slow and we didn’t do anything all day.  The best day of the school week was obviously Friday, since that meant the end of the week and it was time to relax.  On Saturday, I found out that I could pretty much be “in the game” with anybody while playing ping pong.  Then on to Sunday…  On Sunday, I woke up at 4:30 in the morning and drove to Olean, New York to go to the St. Bonaventure Bonnies’ 2017 Baseball Prospect Camp.  From 10:00 until 2:00, my day was filled with baseball, which is heaven to me.  St. Bonaventure is a Division 1 school in the middle of a mountain and at the start of the camp it was VERY hot, an astonishing 48 degrees!  I liked everything about the baseball facilities and the school itself, except for the fact that their school colors are brown and yellow.  Then my fun weekend was over and I had to get school back in my mind for Monday.  I learned many things about my classmates that I did not know.  The most interesting thing that I learned was that Katy had around 30 first cousins….only on one side of her family!!  That was crazy to me since I only have 8 first cousins all together.  My favorite movie is Creed.  It is a boxing movie that features Rocky Balboa from the Rocky movies and also Apollo Creed’s son, who also was in the Rocky movies.  It is set in Philadelphia, PA.  Adonis Creed, who the movie is about, wants to make a name for himself and doesn’t tell people he is Apollo Creed’s son, since Apollo died and Adonis was his son, who Apollo had with a mistress.  By the end, Adonis takes on his dad’s last name and goes into a fight with the reigning champ.  Everybody thought Creed didn’t have a chance, but he stayed the fight the whole time.  Adonis lost by the judges’ decision, but he won the fight in many people’s eyes and gained respect in the boxing world.

The Body in the Woods

The book I read is called The Body in the Woods.  It was written by April Henry, who is a New York Times Bestselling Author The publisher of the book is Henry Holt and Company, LLC.  It was published on 175 Fifth Avenue New York, New York in 2014.  I loved this book!  It had a mixture of mystery and horror, which are my two favorite subjects to read.  Right from the beginning the book just hooked me and I could not put it down.

The Body in the Woods is about 3 teenagers who are a part of Portland, Oregon’s Search and Rescue team.  These 3 main characters are Alexis, Nick, and Ruby.  They all come from shaky backgrounds and homes and see this as a way to escape and grow themselves as people.  One day they are all sitting in class and get a text from the Portland sheriff’s department, notifying them they have a search and rescue mission.  Their mission was to find an autistic man who wandered off in the woods.  These woods, in the middle of nowhere, is a monstrous area with nothing but trees and green bushes for miles and miles. While in the woods they came across a body on the ground, the girl they found was dead.  To prove themselves and to help the dead girl, Alexis, Nick, and Ruby set out to find the killer!

This book is a mixture of mystery and horror, involving a gruesome murder.  The author’s use of setting and a great plot play a key part in why this book is a great read.  I don’t like reading that much, but when I picked up this book, I could not stop reading it!  As you can see, this is a fascinating story by April Henry that will keep you in suspense and on the edge of your seat from cover to cover.



Expectations for my sophomore year

I have many expectations for my sophomore year.  One expectation is that I want to finish the year with straight A’s.  Also, I want to stay within the top 10 of my class.  One of my goals is to start every baseball game again this year, and hit above a .300 average with 4 home runs.  In basketball, I want to play a starting role this year, or be the 6th man.  I’m going to push myself to score 200 points this year, which is an average of 10 points per game.  I have many expectations for this school year, and I look to follow through with them all.