I do agree that our government is best at governing least. Because when people govern the least they can build up to make it better and more organized and fair. And it all depends of how the governments relations with the citizens because without them there can’t be a working government. Because the citizens relationship with government is the people have to pay bills, taxes and other things. But it does need to be fair so the role of the citizens can keep going and nothing will go wrong. But mainly the role with government with the individual citizen is to work together.

The kind of government that demands respect from people is a dictatorship. Because in that from of government they don’t want a relationship with its citizens. They just the money and stuff that the people owe to that type of government. And mostly all of what that government wants is power over everything and they wouldn’t care of how the people felt about it because there not an actual government. The reason why is that a regular government works with the people and wants to be fair for the people. So the type of government that Thourea is describing is a dictatorship.

The role of civil disobedience is protests groups. And there are all different forms of protests. Like protest groups that debate or do other things. Others like hunger strikes or not paying your taxes. And these are still used today and still work. Because still in some places government is unfair and people use these ways to change  things or make things happen. Its like a revolution but non harmful because sometimes action doesn’t solve anything sometimes. But from these non harmful ways people would get inspired from and those people will grow up to be great


Where I stand on the belief is that no one is naturally good. Because it takes like a lifetime to be naturally good and plus you would need the experience to be good. And if you were naturally good you won’t have self reliance which is one of the big things that makes us better. Because self reliance helps us improves and become good. And provides motivation of becoming better and also helps to become better people. So you can’t naturally be good without experience or self reliance because again we need experience, motivation and confidants. So we can become good. And on my belief of man can not be naturally evil. Because people wouldn’t have any experience’s or reasons for being naturally evil. But evil dose need society so it can stop people from being evil. Same as rules too because like society we all try to keep peace and rules. Another reason of how people aren’t naturally evil is because people would have there self reliance which only helps people become better. And rules help out people who are not evil and it keeps them safe. Also with society. In society its organized and prepared for bad things that happen. But how I would argue for my side is the history these two subjects over history. And of how society is based on organization of rules and peace. And how rules keep the peace going and how it keeps society going. Also of how people can not be naturally good because those people wouldn’t have life experience or self reliance. And the way that people can be good is using there self reliance and they can use it as motivation, confident’s. It shows that good or bad people can’t be naturally that way because they both need life experience.









The purpose of independent reading is to learn and get better with grammar and inspire to read more. Also to help people find there interest in the future. And of how we can as a school encourage independent reading is exploring peoples interest and exploring options. But mostly its to find a way  to motivate students to read like from someone famous or a public idol. The main thing is that independent reading can help you learn more and also improves you to move up to read even harder books or stories. This is how we can encourage students to do more reading. The book i picked for the 3rd quarter is William Shakespeare’s Star Wars. The reason why I pick this pick is that I’ve always liked Star Wars. And especially this book because its one big poem and I’ve been curious how this story would be like if it was a poem. Another reason why I chose this book is when I started reading it I was already interested. Because I’ve always been again curious about poetry and of how the style changes the format of the story. And also of how they show the characters and mixed of futuristic and Shakespeare times. After I read the first chapter of my book I already knew it was gonna happen. It started off by showing that something bad was going to happen and then it showed a introduction of the important characters. And then it would show that the important characters would have to go on this adventure to save and stop this bad thing from happening. It goes from one thing to the next after the first chapter it showed again the important characters and showed a little back story for the important characters and the environment from where they come from in the story.



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The debate was alright. The way everything was organized and presented was very good. I was surprised of how far it went. Of far the argument went and the information that was shown to us. Where we weren’t the only people who had the same argument and of how it expanded. And shows that hundreds of people had there own opinions.  The debate went well. Good reasoning and opinion was shown and the research was good. But some of the information was based on opinion then fact. And it was hard to find those facts. But most of the information was good and well explained. Mostly the main problem was the organization because we had a lot of information but couldn’t put it into words. We tried and gotten better as we got going and brought up some good points. And we could’ve provided more but most of the information was based on opinion than fact. And it caused us the issue of putting it into words. Which lead to our defeat in the debate. Our opponents in the debate were great. They provided a lot of good information. They were well organized and had a lot of good facts. What i found surprising about this debate was that this issue was the main argument today of our country. When we were searching things for our topic a lot came up. It showed that this argument was well known to everyone in the country today and has been for years. Everyone at every resource had there own opinion about our topic. It was involved in money, people’s reaction, and the comfort of the people. But again though we couldn’t really find facts. All we could find were opinions and the same kind of research we already had. Which lead to our disorganization.



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The only virtues that I only broke was is order, temperance, silence, tranquility, and frugality. First with order because I haven’t been good with being organized and keeping schedule. Because I’ve gotten disorganized with school work of other things i had to do. And for silence I can never keep mouth shut. Even though I say some important stuff. But everything people say I think matters. Because every human being deserves every chance to have to speak no matter what. So a person like that can show the people what type of person he is. And whatever say counts. For tranquility I have broke because I’ve been upset or stressed out about things and work. Mostly because some people can’t get over the little things. Because people try so hard to pull through and impress people. But sometimes people hit slumps and get upset over the little things. People just sometimes get upset over the little things. For Temperance I have over eat but everybody does. Because that’s the way people are when they find something they like. Because once they have it they start to over do it, but that’s human nature. Because once they found something people enjoy. And for frugality I have broken too. Because I have waste somethings but everyone does. Because we can’t have too much of everything because of moderation. It’s all based on our behavior, opinions, and choices. But how ever we act shows that we can’t really waste or have too much of anything. It also shows that no matter how many things we waste like money we will still use it and appreciate it. And that’s when we really know we can’t have waste anything. Because we will always get more of the same stuff like money but we will never have too much of.

A smile

My thoughts on the poem called “A Smile”. My reaction for this poem was that I understand the poem but a little confused. The reason why it was confusing is because of how the poem is switching from one thing from the next. Like how it try’s to compare everyday life with a play and it moves on from another thing. Like of how it compares from like traveling forwards not backwards. Or like a empty house and comparing things with animals like eagles. But when I started reading the poem in made more and more sense. Like it was showing that like life can be hard and depressing. But mostly shows that you have to keep moving forward and not get stuck in the past. It also shows of how the poem is like a play where the poem shows that each important part of someones life is like a act in a play.  And each important moment in a persons life represents a act and its a nonstop show. So it the poem shows that a persons story could be a dramatic one or something like that. But it also teaches us something about life. Because it shows that we have to keep on going and moving forward. My questions for this poem would first be ” what is the main purpose of this play?”.  Plus “How does the poet compare regular things to a persons life?”. And finally “what is basically the main point in the poem?”. How I think of this poem is that its like one big life lesson. Because it shows that life is like a dramatic play. Because its been telling us that you have to keep traveling onward not forwards or back. And also shows us that life can be bad for some people. And shows that things don’t go your way and that some things are confusing or frustrating. And I also think that this poem is about how life can be difficult and its like again a play. Because it tells us that we don’t realize that we are on a stage and we are the actors. And of how life is difficult is that the poem tells us that we can’t always find the truth from people and that we actually have to seek the truth for ourselves. And that the poem shows that life can still be sad, dramatic, and depressing. But again my initial reaction for this poem is good. The organization of the poem was good. And of how it was able to compare common things to everyday life and comparing everyday life to a play. To show again that each important moment is like a act. And there is a lot important moments in a persons life. The other thing I liked about the poem is the rhyming and of how each word made sense and had the same sounding. Basically my reaction for this poem was confusion. Because it shows moments in a any persons life that nobody should have to go threw.









My experience with poetry was okay but difficult. Because it takes me a while to think of my own poem because i’m not really that good with rhyming or free verse. But I have been getting better since I had to write my own and stuff. What I liked about poetry is the rhyming and the way it sounds and the way it comes together. And my dislikes about poetry is the way you have to organize it and getting rhythm for the poem. But my experience with poetry has gotten better. With the poems I read or listen to someone reading one. I’ve been getting better with the way you organize and the rhyming. And also the form of the words. And my experience with other types of poetry is okay but complicated. Because with other types of poetry its really complicated and focuses on more and just rhyming. It has to do with like emotion and of how a person or any other kind of thing feel. And of how a poem is like a story like the one poem called Eldorado. It tells a story about a man search for a legendary island. But it shows that the man has wasted his life searching for this island then enjoying his life. How my experience with these types of poetry got better is comparing one thing to another like the poem. It compares the urge of this man to find a island but it shows that he wasted his life focusing on this legendary island then just enjoying his life. This is how my experience with poetry got better. Because its all based on rhythm and on emotions. It also shows a lot of mystery and suspense. But mostly mystery because we never really know what happens to people after the story.

Short Story

My Story is about a man from Poland who fought his way out of the slums of his country. The main character’s name is Casimir/Caz Tloczynski who was raised to a poor family. When Caz found the sport of boxing he used it to support himself and his family. He’s also when to turn pro and become a champion. This story is based in the 1970’s and 80’s because during these two decades had one of the best times in the sport. In the main part of this story is Caz fighting his way out of the slums of Poland and in later of his fighting career he would have to deal with controversy, rivals, and life troubles. Casimir a true son Poland. His mother a native of the country and his father a Irish immigrant. After World War 2 all of the European countries had too rebuild society the way it was. When Casimir was born is father had to leave for America. Life was hard for Casimir growing up. While Poland was being rebuild it was hard for his mother to make money for Casimir and the eight Tloczynski children. But when Casimir found the sport of boxing he became a professional fighter. Starting out as a lightweight he had a record of 28-0 with 24 knockouts. Casimir had knockout victories over top contenders and former champions. By age 20 he’s getting a shot at the world title. In this story you get to learn about a champion who came from nothing. And fought his way out of the slums of Poland and made himself a king. Also of how Casimir had to suffer his first defeat, controversy, and rivalries. But mostly this story is about a true champ earning the respect of the people and also fighting for the people for his home country of Poland.



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My movie is a science fiction thriller/mystery. It is based on a character named David Dunn who survives a huge train crash without a scratch. On the point of the characters of the story is shocking and confusing.

The story started out when the “main character” David Dunn got into a huge train crash and survives without a scratch. Since then he’s been realizing that he was something different about him after he met another character name Elijah Price. who had something like David but he had a rare disorder that made his bones easier to brake. But since the David’s been realizing that he has super strength and great instincts.


Basically the main characters in this movie is David Dunn and Elijah Price who both have a odd past. Dunn’s past was normal but he could never remember getting sick or hurt because of what he is he could never get hurt. And since the train crash he’s been realizing that he has super strength and great instincts. The other main character Elijah Price had a rough life born with a rare disorder that made his bones real easy to brake and couldn’t really do anything about what he had. But through out the movie he is a smart and see’s things differently then others about the world and others. In this movie basically it’s like a super hero movie a little bit because it show’s that Dunn is the hero and Price is the villain.

In this point of view of the movie it is seen in different ways because of the two main characters. Like for David Dunn he see’s this as a really confusing and shocking because he has no idea what’s going on with him or what he is. But in the point of view of the audience it show’s that this is a shocking thriller and leaves with a huge curiosity of whats going to happen.


For my conclusion i have showed the characters, the setting. And the characters and the audiences point of view that it shows that it is a science fiction thriller.

School year

My first week of school was good and bad. Nothing new and no surprises. The only new adjustments is the classes i’m in like cooking and publications because I haven’t had classes like that for the past 2 years I’ve been here. I mean like I was a little nervous at first about this school year because of all the work and plus I’m doing cross country and track again this year and it’s not fun. But this year I bet will be great and stuff  and also to meet new people too.


I would say one of my big new adjustments is cross country because its my first time doing cross country and it takes some getting used too but its all good. But my first week was good i’m meeting new people and I am one year from being a senior and for being a adult. Its a little scary at first but hey get a lot more freedom. I would say my most ugly part during my first week was getting back to what you were doing like you were doing during the first year. Like getting up real early in the morning and getting used to it like everyday but it gets easier from time to time.

I did learn some new things about my classmates during the project. Like one of my classmates is interested in traveling and the other went to the Bahamas. It was interesting learning new things about my classmates. I don’t really have specific favorite in stories but I do like to read biography’s. Because I like to learn about great people like Roberto Duran and other kinds. I also like to read about legends like Bigfoot, or like “what happen to the colony of Roanoke”. Stuff like that and sometimes I would read  regular stories


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