Short Story

My Story is about a man from Poland who fought his way out of the slums of his country. The main character’s name is Casimir/Caz Tloczynski who was raised to a poor family. When Caz found the sport of boxing he used it to support himself and his family. He’s also when to turn pro and become a champion. This story is based in the 1970’s and 80’s because during these two decades had one of the best times in the sport. In the main part of this story is Caz fighting his way out of the slums of Poland and in later of his fighting career he would have to deal with controversy, rivals, and life troubles. Casimir a true son Poland. His mother a native of the country and his father a Irish immigrant. After World War 2 all of the European countries had too rebuild society the way it was. When Casimir was born is father had to leave for America. Life was hard for Casimir growing up. While Poland was being rebuild it was hard for his mother to make money for Casimir and the eight Tloczynski children. But when Casimir found the sport of boxing he became a professional fighter. Starting out as a lightweight he had a record of 28-0 with 24 knockouts. Casimir had knockout victories over top contenders and former champions. By age 20 he’s getting a shot at the world title. In this story you get to learn about a champion who came from nothing. And fought his way out of the slums of Poland and made himself a king. Also of how Casimir had to suffer his first defeat, controversy, and rivalries. But mostly this story is about a true champ earning the respect of the people and also fighting for the people for his home country of Poland.



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My movie is a science fiction thriller/mystery. It is based on a character named David Dunn who survives a huge train crash without a scratch. On the point of the characters of the story is shocking and confusing.

The story started out when the “main character” David Dunn got into a huge train crash and survives without a scratch. Since then he’s been realizing that he was something different about him after he met another character name Elijah Price. who had something like David but he had a rare disorder that made his bones easier to brake. But since the David’s been realizing that he has super strength and great instincts.


Basically the main characters in this movie is David Dunn and Elijah Price who both have a odd past. Dunn’s past was normal but he could never remember getting sick or hurt because of what he is he could never get hurt. And since the train crash he’s been realizing that he has super strength and great instincts. The other main character Elijah Price had a rough life born with a rare disorder that made his bones real easy to brake and couldn’t really do anything about what he had. But through out the movie he is a smart and see’s things differently then others about the world and others. In this movie basically it’s like a super hero movie a little bit because it show’s that Dunn is the hero and Price is the villain.

In this point of view of the movie it is seen in different ways because of the two main characters. Like for David Dunn he see’s this as a really confusing and shocking because he has no idea what’s going on with him or what he is. But in the point of view of the audience it show’s that this is a shocking thriller and leaves with a huge curiosity of whats going to happen.


For my conclusion i have showed the characters, the setting. And the characters and the audiences point of view that it shows that it is a science fiction thriller.

School year

My first week of school was good and bad. Nothing new and no surprises. The only new adjustments is the classes i’m in like cooking and publications because I haven’t had classes like that for the past 2 years I’ve been here. I mean like I was a little nervous at first about this school year because of all the work and plus I’m doing cross country and track again this year and it’s not fun. But this year I bet will be great and stuff ¬†and also to meet new people too.


I would say one of my big new adjustments is cross country because its my first time doing cross country and it takes some getting used too but its all good. But my first week was good i’m meeting new people and I am one year from being a senior and for being a adult. Its a little scary at first but hey get a lot more freedom. I would say my most ugly part during my first week was getting back to what you were doing like you were doing during the first year. Like getting up real early in the morning and getting used to it like everyday but it gets easier from time to time.

I did learn some new things about my classmates during the project. Like one of my classmates is interested in traveling and the other went to the Bahamas. It was interesting learning new things about my classmates. I don’t really have specific favorite in stories but I do like to read biography’s. Because I like to learn about great people like Roberto Duran and other kinds. I also like to read about legends like Bigfoot, or like “what happen to the colony of Roanoke”. Stuff like that and sometimes I would read ¬†regular stories


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