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The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, a novel that was a bit ahead for its time with all of its different qualities that make it even a bit controversial for when it was written.  The book itself was ok it could have been better or at least the ending could have been but what the author chooses to do with their books is their choice even if we the readers might hate it.  So I guess if you want a better word for the book I would have to say that it was average, and that if a few things were different then it might have been a better book. Even though this book wasn’t the best, it did do a good job of showing its themes and bringing them to life throughout the entire novel.  

When it comes to comparing Huck Finn and other books that I have read, there is no comparison.  Mainly because this book is from a completely different era and the type of book that it is, is also different from what it is that I would usually read, in a few ways.  

The end of the book for me was all over the place, meaning that I liked some parts of it but others not so much.  One of the things that I probably would change is the ending mainly because this book really should not have a “sequel”.  Twain should have just ended the book where it was at and not drag it out and force another book into the “series”.

Some of the most important things for the modern readers, especially, is to really realize just how out of place this book must have been when Twain originally wrote it.  Also something even more important than that would have to be, to watch the choices that Huck makes and how they affect him as a person. And not just physically but emotionally and mentally as well.  These things show more than what the books that we are reading now a days do and they clearly are doing something right because schools keep making students read them to get some point across. So the point is that there are many lessons that can be learned from Huck and the adventure that he goes on and the people that he becomes friends with.  All of the different things that happen in the book are still able to be applied to our society today also. That really is because even though slavery is gone people are still being held back by different standards and others are still trying to figure out what they want to do with their lives which in a way is kind of what this story is about, finding who you really are and being able to make decisions when it comes down to it.

So for my Huck Finn project thing as of right now is going to be something like a morality spectrometer that I coded.  Now if it works then it will be a series of questions with life choices that are being asked and then at the end it will tell you which character from the book you are most like.  So as long as everything goes the way that i’m hoping it does then this will be what I am doing for my project but if it doesn’t work then I am going to have to find a backup plan and what that will be, who knows.  All I can really hope for at this point is that the code will work and that I will actually be able to get it done in time.

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