The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

This year was something, like somethings worked out and somethings not so much. Ehh I don’t really think that there was a best work that we read this year or really a worst work, ok that’s a lie there are some really bad and miserable things that we had to read this year.  Not going to lie some of them were awful and I never want to hear or see there names again.  As for the class it wasn’t bad.  There is not really that much that could be improved but the one that I would say is the time spent on different things could use a little improvement but other then that everything was good.  As for you and being on a scale of “good” to “amazing” you’re somewhere in there, it really depends on the day 🙂 some days you are a good teacher others are better and some are amazing but over all right in the middle is where I’d put you.

My goals for next year are as simple as can be, not procrastinating and having some fun or at least free time.  Since graduation is 1 year and 1 day away I have a lot of things that I am going to be doing in between now and then.  Most of it will be helpful for me then the rest not as much.  Over all the work that will be done should all be good for helping me in the long run.  Meanwhile in the real world, I have somewhat of an idea of what to expect in the real world but no amount of schooling or anything can really prepare you for what you face out there except your experiences.

Blog 25: The Love Blog of a pretty Disillusioned town


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In “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock”, “Disillusionment of 10 o’clock”, and “anyone lived in a pretty how town” the theme has a different way of developing and showing itself to the readers and at the same time they are all the same when it comes to developing them.  For example all three of these poems have this darker theme behind them or a darker theme that is right in plain sight. This idea can also be shown in different ways as well when it really comes down to it. Then with all of the different symbols, characters, and other major parts that are involved in the poems they bring the themes really more to life.  Then with that in mind the darker theme or even sense that is really how “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock”, “Disillusionment of 10 o’clock”, and “anyone lived in a pretty how town”, are connected to one another even if they are from different times with different main pieces and goals. Then out of the three poems that we were given to read I found that the “Disillusionment of 10 o’clock” was one of the more applicable poems to our society today as compared to the other two poems. This was mainly because it was short and straight to the point unlike the others which take a lot longer to get there point across and for the reader to really know what is going on.  So changing what is going on right now, and moving more towards my opinion of these poems, the one that I hated the least or some what liked even was “Disillusionment of 10 o’clock”. I disliked this one the least mainly because it was the shortest of the three poems. The other two poems were not too bad but I preferred the short one when it came to actually reading them. This was really because it wasn’t that hard to understand either, I mean the others weren’t to bad but this one was short and sweet and got what needed to be done, done.  To conclude these poems weren’t the worst poems that I have read so really there isn’t much to complain about with them.

Blog 24: Huck Fin

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The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, a novel that was a bit ahead for its time with all of its different qualities that make it even a bit controversial for when it was written.  The book itself was ok it could have been better or at least the ending could have been but what the author chooses to do with their books is their choice even if we the readers might hate it.  So I guess if you want a better word for the book I would have to say that it was average, and that if a few things were different then it might have been a better book. Even though this book wasn’t the best, it did do a good job of showing its themes and bringing them to life throughout the entire novel.  

When it comes to comparing Huck Finn and other books that I have read, there is no comparison.  Mainly because this book is from a completely different era and the type of book that it is, is also different from what it is that I would usually read, in a few ways.  

The end of the book for me was all over the place, meaning that I liked some parts of it but others not so much.  One of the things that I probably would change is the ending mainly because this book really should not have a “sequel”.  Twain should have just ended the book where it was at and not drag it out and force another book into the “series”.

Some of the most important things for the modern readers, especially, is to really realize just how out of place this book must have been when Twain originally wrote it.  Also something even more important than that would have to be, to watch the choices that Huck makes and how they affect him as a person. And not just physically but emotionally and mentally as well.  These things show more than what the books that we are reading now a days do and they clearly are doing something right because schools keep making students read them to get some point across. So the point is that there are many lessons that can be learned from Huck and the adventure that he goes on and the people that he becomes friends with.  All of the different things that happen in the book are still able to be applied to our society today also. That really is because even though slavery is gone people are still being held back by different standards and others are still trying to figure out what they want to do with their lives which in a way is kind of what this story is about, finding who you really are and being able to make decisions when it comes down to it.

So for my Huck Finn project thing as of right now is going to be something like a morality spectrometer that I coded.  Now if it works then it will be a series of questions with life choices that are being asked and then at the end it will tell you which character from the book you are most like.  So as long as everything goes the way that i’m hoping it does then this will be what I am doing for my project but if it doesn’t work then I am going to have to find a backup plan and what that will be, who knows.  All I can really hope for at this point is that the code will work and that I will actually be able to get it done in time.

Blog 23: “Huck Finn” Chapters 30-33

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Over these couple of chapters you are able to really see some major character growth among all those that we have “met” so far.  With that there are some important events that cause these character growths to occur. One of them being where the “king” almost strangles Huck because of gold.  Another is where Huck learns that the dauphin (aka. The king) had sold Jim to a near by farm. And in that scene we are able to see Huck’s development because he has many options at that point with what he can do but he chooses to go and save Jim from slavery.  That part is one of the biggest in these couple of chapters because of the choice that he makes and because he also chooses to cut all ties with the con men.

In these chapters we are able to meet Tom’s Aunt Sally and his Uncle Silas, who mistake Huck for Tom.  So when Tom does show up he makes up a name and just goes with it and even agrees to help Huck with his plan to free Jim.  

With Huck’s plan coming together we are able to also see his character develop even more.  In these few chapters we are also able to see a little of Tom’s character develop more especially when Huck and Tom are working together again.  Not many other characters really show any development in these chapters other then Huck and Tom.

Moving on from characters to setting, we are introduced to a new location over the three chapters we had to read, The Phelps’ farm.  What we know about the farm is that it is a good sized one with a good amount of people “working” there. We also learn that this is the place that Jim is being kept at.  But other then that we don’t really know all that much about the farm. As for what Twain might be trying to say about using this farm I have no real idea how it is being used by him other than as another location in his book.

Now as for the rest of the book and it’s plot line it could go about a hundred different ways from this point right now.  But if I have to guess it might be them stuck in a never ending circle that keeps Huck and Jim from getting to the north where Jim can be a free man.  This is just because of how the story has gone so far, like the two of them get so close and then something happens and they end up two steps back for each step forward that they take.  Yet my prediction for the end is that they might be able to get Jim out of there and get him up north even though I still think that they are stuck in that never ending circle.

Blog 22: 4thQ IR


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The author that I selected for this quarters IR project was Gene Wolfe.  I chose this author mainly because the covers of his books intrigued me. Now I know that isn’t a very good reason to pick an author but really book covers are the first thing that you see when looking at a book and the next thing is the title which in this case are also very neat.  So before even looking into the book at all they were able to capture my attention and peak my interest in them. With that in mind the primary form of work for Gene Wolfe was novels. This really didn’t impact my decision all that much if any at all. Moving on from that, three of the most interesting works by this author in my opinion would have to be; “The Shadow of the Torturer”, “The Claw of the Conciliator”,and “The Sword of the Lictor”.  I found these three to be the “most” interesting because one they have neat or mysterious titles as well as book covers, two they are three of the books in that series, and finally all of those books that were listed all have this “dark” like pull towards them and it just makes you want to know more about them. Breaking it down a little more starting with the first book on the list “The Shadow of the Torturer”. This book well I found the first chapter of this book and from what I have read it seems to be really good and I don’t say that about many books or authors.  Also just the title of the book is awesome. On to the next book, the second one in the list was “The Claw of the Conciliator”. There is not much that I can really say about this one because I didn’t want to read the first chapters of all the books and ruin them, thus leaving me with not as much to say about this one. Well other than the title being awesome just like the other books. Finally the last of the three books in the list, “The Sword of the Lictor”. Just like the second book I am not able to put as much information as I would like to because of not wanting to spoil the other books for me if I am able to read them.  Now to do a complete 180 and switch gears to Gene Wolfe’s life as well as the time period that he is from. To start he is currently 86 years old and will be 87 on May 7. So in other words he grew up before and during WWII’s time period and is still currently living through his best life in my mind at least. To bring this all to an end I leave you with this, Gene Wolfe has an engineering degree and to add to that he developed the machine that cooks the dough used to make Pringles potato chips.  If that his books alone aren’t a good enough reason to read then at least do it for the only chip company that doesn’t sell you bagged air with some salty circles in it.

Blog 21: Huck Finn Initial Impressions


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“The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn” is actually a lot better then what I had originally thought it was going to be.  Mainly because, I think I might have read Tom Sawyer many years ago which “leads” into this book a little bit so I already had a slight thought into this world of Tom and Huck.  But back on the main topic of Huck Finn and what he is doing so far, is that it is not half bad. Now I don’t really like to read so if I say that a book is not that bad or I don’t mind it or that it is good then you know that the book might be good.  Really though it is about how the book is written and its ability to capture my attention or not. So far Huck Finn is doing a good job at that. As for what is in the book that I actually like or dislike the list keeps on growing in both directions. One of the things that I liked about the book so far is Huck’s slow transformation that is able to have been seen through the beginning of the book to the current chapter that we are on (beginning of 7).  As for my dislikes of the book then that list of things is a little bit longer. One of those many things is the other characters involvement. That is mainly because there is basically no background on any of them or how they really know one another. Also they just kind of show up out of nowhere sometimes and you just kind of accept that because you don’t know what is happening or where they came from. Another thing that is on my dislike list is how Pap’s character interacts with Huck and the rest of the town and really just his character in general.  But at the same time his character is one of the best written ones in the book because he is able to be hated by those reading the book. Which really just means that Mark Twain was able to make Pap represent the south and what they “stood” for during that time. Also with Twain’s ability form this southern idea into a “person” or “character” it just shows what his thoughts are on what had happened and is trying to give them a wake up call.  To conclude, Huck Finn so far is a decent book with a great author and plenty of changes and twists to keep it interesting.

Blog 20: IR, Twain, and Finn



“The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County” was a different kind of short story because the author Mark Twain was not only “messing” with those in the story but with us as well.  I think that is one of the things that I liked the most about this short story. Other then that it was a very well written story with lots of different qualities in it allowing it to be believable to a certain point.  As for its use of satire and humor there was so much of it that if you wanted to you could pretty much call it one big joke of a story. Another way to put it would be it was made to make fun of this place as well as some of the people in it as well as the characters in the book and those reading the book.  

Personally I liked the way that we did IR in the third quarter to a point though.  I liked how we only had to read one book and make a trailer for it but at the same time I didn’t like it because something almost always goes wrong for me when movie maker and it never fails to mess everything up.  But other then the program that I used to make the trailer in the project wasn’t that bad and I actually think it would be better if we did the IR like that more often until there is a better option for doing so. Now as for how it affected the way that I read the book.  It didn’t affect how I read it but more like how long it took for me to read it and how long I kept it.

First impressions are more often then not how people meet and judge a person or item after seeing them or in this case reading it for the first time.  In Huck Finn’s first chapter it makes a decent impression on me and keeps you wanting to read more mainly because we have to but if we didn’t then I think that I would still want to read it and find out what happens next in the story.  For what the story will be about who knows because when it comes to Mark Twain he likes to keep people guessing about what is going to happen next. With that being said, Huck Finn should be an interesting enough book to read and if it’s not then oh well.

Satire Blog


Satire and humor are around us all of the time but yet we might not even notice that it is there.  After some time you might notice that its is happening and once you do it becomes a lot funnier. So for me when I think back about it humor as well as satire have both been in my life for a long time.  Between the shows that I have watched and even my family it seems that I have a lot more experience with this then what I originally thought. So when I actually sit down and think about what kind of humor it is that I actually enjoy.  I found that physical is the kind of humor that I enjoy the most. This is mainly because of the kind of person that I am, like if I see one of my friends fall because they were doing t=something dumb then I will probably laugh first then go to help them up and see if they are ok while I finish laughing.  But a great example of physical humor that is out there would have to be most of the FailArmy videos on youtube. This is a great example of physical humor because most of what it is, is a compilation of funny unfortunate things that happen to people usually of their own doing though. It can keep most entertained for hours on end because watching people do dumb things for some reason makes a lot of people laugh and because it is something that you can just let go in the background while you work on something else.


As for Mark Twain I know that he wrote Huckleberry Finn and many other books and that he has a very strong sense of humor that he incorporates into his books and stories.  Also that his writing is not always for the light of heart because some of his books now banned from schools for a reason. Which is one reason that his life was anything but boring and that finding something interesting about him is not really that hard to do.  There are tons of different things out there on tons of different websites but one of more interesting facts that I found was that he had briefly served with a Confederate militia. Which is just interesting in itself.

Blog 18: Vertigo


“Vertigo”, it’s a lot different then what I suspected it to be but its different in a good way.  Which I think really helps to depict my opinion on this movie, but at the same time it is just a bit confusing because you look away for a second or zone out for a second and something completely different is up on the screen.  That is fine and all because it adds to the mood and tone of what is happening through the movie. One major thing that is key to the movie that I like is the ominous music that comes from no certain source, so in other words I like how the music plays your emotions and feelings off of each other and more or less keeps you on the edge of your seat because you’re waiting for something to happen because of how the music’s tone changed. And because of how the camera would be positioned at different angles to really bring the audience into the movie and feel like they are almost there with the actors.  But like all movies there is that one thing that someone doesn’t like in it and that one thing for me would have to be how oblivious some of the characters are towards one another. And how no matter how many times you tell them not to do something they go ahead and do it anyway. Like going into a creepy forest with a girl who may or may not be possessed by something that want to kill her but that’s ok what could possibly go wrong with that. Now breaking off from that and going on to more of what I think could happen next, is kind of pointless because I read the plot synopsis and already know what is going to happen but if I didn’t then I would say that the wife that he was following ends up falling in love with him and then something bad happens and it’s all over.  As for critique, this movie would have been quite something in its day and even if they made a new version of it, then it might be something today as well. So yes I would have to say that this movie is successful in its premise so far and from what I read then I would have to say that the whole movie is very successful.

Blog 18: End of the Song



After discussing all of the sections my original opinion of this poem has changed from not really liking it to actually not minding it.  In other words this poem is actually good and it has been able to change peoples lives throughout history for the better. Now, when it comes to looking at the poem itself, looking in it, and doing work with it.  You find out which sections you like more than others and likewise those that you don’t like as much. So out of all the sections that we looked at the most interesting one other then the one that I did because I actually liked the one I was working with more or less.  But since I can’t pick that one it would have would have to be section nine the one right before my two sections. I found this section to be the most interesting one there then mine because it was a shorter section but with it’s small amount of lines it was still full of the powerful message that he is trying to get across.  Also one of the other reasons that I like that section was because it led into what my two sections were talking about a little bit. Now with everything that was able to be seen it is easier to say that this poem is definitely able to be seen as an influential poem through the selected sections that we read. It was shown through metaphors and comparisons between nature and society as a hole.  Now as for me and what I think and don’t think about the poem, well it was definitely one of the easier poems that we have read in this class throughout the year. Yet at the same time it was a bit confusing because of the different references that he made and how we took them more literally then the figurative meaning that was trying to be shown. Also he was technically a hypocrite because here he is writing about getting out more and doing all of these different things instead of actually being out there practicing what he preached.  Finally out of all the poems that I have had to read over the years I would rate this poem at a strong 7 or 8 because it still confused me a little bit but not as much as others have over the years.