Short Story

The six word short story I chose was “longed for him (her), got him (her), shit”. I chose this one because I feel like a lot of people can relate to it. This story is going to be your typical and sappy love story.

The main character, Aaron, is a witty, quiet, and slightly dorky college boy that absolutely hates love (and cats). He has never found anyone worth his time and he hates seeing people being all lovey dovey. He definitely wants a relationship at some point. He enjoys basically everything outdoors, even bird watching. After a while at college, he finds a girl (Faith) that is perfect for him. They’re in the same major as eachother so they see eachother a lot. They start a really steady relationship. They’re like best friends. But then they start to grow apart. Faith then spots out Trent.

Trent is low life college student with a rich family. He can get whatever he wants, whenever he wants. The only reason he’s even in college is because his parents sent the school a ton of money. He doesn’t have a head on his shoulders. He also really enjoys himself…like a lot. His hobbies include, taking selfies, admiring comments about how hot he is on his Instagram, and looking at himself in the mirror. He doesn’t believe he has any flaws and looks up to himself. The only reason Faith fell for him was because he’s a “pretty boy”.

This is where my six word short story comes in “I longed for her, I got her, shit”. Aaron found someone, got her to like him, then lost her.

I got this idea for my story just from other books I’ve read. I really enjoy sappy love story books for some reason. I kind of based Aaron off of myself but in a guy form. Trent is then your typical “I’m better than everyone else” kind of guy.

When i first started thinking about this story, I didn’t have any details about characters. I know that I wanted a self conceded guy and I quiet, down to earth guy. I really built up Trent’s character by working through the character worksheet.

My Bad Fair Week


My story starts the Tuesday before fair week. I woke up with a headache that day, but I took some medicine and carried on. On Wednesday, I started getting symptoms of a migraine during the BTE play but without the head pain. I was dizzy, nauseous, and I was having problems seeing. We had a game that day and I was so excited and pumped to play at the beginning of the day. I really didn’t want to miss the game, but I called my mom and she told me to go home and not play. I got home and tried to sleep it off, but it didn’t work. The next day, I drug myself out of bed and went to school. After 2nd period, I realized I couldn’t continue through the day. I went to the nurse and called my mom. She was extremely concerned because I have this condition called Chiari Malformation, which means your cerebellum is pushed out the bottom of your skull. This causes lots of headaches and neck pain, and I was experiencing both. She called the doctors and got me an appointment. The last time I had a long migraine (lasted 5 days) they gave me a shot of some painkiller/migraine headache thing, and it worked almost instantly. They decided to give me the same shot this time, however, it didn’t work. I stayed home on Friday because the migraine just kept getting worse, also I had a chemistry lab due that I didn’t do….I waited all day Friday to see if the pain would go away and it never did. My mom called our doctor on Saturday and she told us to try a mixture of 3 Ibuprophens and 2 Tylenols. Apparently, that’s the new thing all neurologists are using. It started to give me a little relief but still not enough. On Monday, I went back to the doctors and they sent me to physical therapy to see if my neck was out of place. Sometimes if you’re having problems with your neck you could get migraines. My physical therapist felt my neck and felt all the spasms that I had no idea were happening. He readjusted me and I got instant relief, but my neck hurt way more than it did before. The downside was that I couldn’t play soccer for 2 days, but that turned into 3 days because I was still in so much pain.

Now I’m still in some pain, and my head and neck still hurt sometimes. Now I get to get my neck messed with again on Thursday when I go back to physical therapy.

Blog #3

The Day After Tomorrow…well…that’s Sunday. The movie, however, is completely different than that. The Day After Tomorrow is a realistic-fiction natural disaster movie. The theme I discovered was to be calm in all frantic situations, it will make the situation safer. I discovered this through setting, characters, and presentation.

This movie is about a super storm that unexpectedly hits the northern hemisphere of the Earth.  Flash freezing begins in Canada. Next, Hollywood gets hit with a huge string of tornadoes. Then there’s hail in Tokyo, blizzards in New Dehli, and the highest magnitude of earthquakes ever in San Francisco. The government tells all southern states to evacuate to Mexico. It is too late for the northern states to evacuate.

The two main characters, father and son, Jack and Sam, get separated during the storm. Sam is stuck in New York City, while his dad is in D.C. with the President. Although Jack is a government climatologist, the government did not believe him when he said that these storms were going to happen. Once people started believing him, it was far too late.

The theme is developed through the setting and characters. The setting is all across the world. The film jumps back and forth between all of the continents.  This “super storm” hit just about everywhere in the world, but more specifically the northern hemisphere.

The protagonists in the story are Jack and Sam. They both try to step up in the face of tragedy. While New York City is flooding uncontrollably, Sam and his group try to find a safer place to stay, preferably somewhere high up. On the way there, his friend Lauren gets cut by a piece of scrap metal in the raging flood waters. Sam steps up as a leader and carries Lauren to the New York City Public Library. His dad, Jack, took a group of people to New York to try to find his son and so they could find their family members too who happened to be in New York too.

The theme I found based on the setting and characters was being calm is the best way to handle even the worst situations.



Week two wasn’t as bad as I thought. Personally, notes aren’t my favorite thing in the world, however, these notes were pretty easy. Most of the vocabulary we’ve known since middle school or even elementary school. We did go more into detail than what we did back then. For example “protagonist is the good guy and antagonist is the good guy”. That’s not always the case. For example, I watched a movie called “What Happened to Monday” this weekend (it’s on Netflix and I highly recommend…warning, it’s rated MA-17…and it’s really bloody). It takes place in the future where there is a “no sibling” rule due to over population and lack of resources. If you happen to have a sibling, which ever one gets caught first gets sent to the bureau for sleep, as they call it. Every person has a bracelet that is scanned every day that shows whether you’re a sibling or not. The main characters happen to be septuplets and they all have one day of the week they can go out into the world. In this story, depending on the POV, they’re technically the “bad guys” because they are potentially taking food and supplies from other families. At the same time, they could be the “good guys” too. They’re trying to take down the government and expose them.

Week 2 has definitely been better than week one. My schedule is finally finalized and all figured out. Our soccer games just started too and I’m really excited for that. Also, I’m actually learning things in all my classes now. The first week just consisted of us going over the whole year. On the other hand, week 2 has also been a little more stressful. In certain classes, I’ve had homework every night…and a lot of it. Sometimes it’s hard to balance school work and other things in your life. For example, we’re moving. I have been so busy with that, plus soccer, plus school. Life is hard.

Days 1-4/ 182

This is the second time I will be writing this.

School sucks, especially the first week. Now don’t get me wrong, it’s great to see your friends again on a regular basis. It’s also not so great to see the people you tried really hard over the summer to avoid. Anyways, it’s 8:30 on Tuesday of the second week of school, and I have a really bad sinus infection. This didn’t happen when I was curled up in my bed watching Netflix over the summer. This school is a petri dish

My junior year didn’t start off so great. I was extremely stressed. The guidance counselors decided to schedule me a class (without my consent) that I didn’t meet the requiremwents for. The class was anatomy and physiology. I could take the anatomy part, however physiology is chemistry based and I’m taking that this year. I went into the guidance office in the morning thinking they could quickly fix it. My A & P period was 8/9 and I wanted to take publications which was also 8/9. Simple right? Nope. They said I couldn’t fill out a form until Mrs. Day made an announcement. By second period, I hadn’t heard an announcment. I went to the guidance office anyways and they finally gave me a form and said “We’ll get back to you by friday”. Keep in mind it was tuesday. After sitting in A&P doing absolutley nothing with Elizabeth, who was in the same situation, I finally got called down last period on Thursday. They fixed it and I felt so much better

I then had a pretty relaxed Friday. I went to the football game and took some pretty great pictures for the yearbook and hung out with my friends.

In class, I learned that Katy makes muffins every Saturday and that I should go to Katy’s house every Saturday for said muffins.

I chose to put this video because it represents how my week went. Taylor Swift and her new music sucks and my week sucked!

I also chose to put this picture I took at the football game because I really like it. I feel like it really captured the energy that was in the student section that night.

AR Q2 Book 2

The second book i read this quarter was Found by Harlan Coben. It’s a mystery about a sophomore boy named Mickey. A few months before, he witnessed his dad’s tragic death, or so he thought. Mickey believed there was a secret behind his dad’s death. He convinced his uncle to get it dug up.

He has a small group of friends that are very close to him. One is Ema (it’s a nickname, Emma+emo= Ema). She dresses in all black and has a lot of tattoos. That’s how she got that nickname. He has another friend named Spoon. For the first part of the book, Spoon is in the hospital. He was shot trying to save Mickey and Ema.

Ema tries to uncover the truth about Mickey’s father. They do some pretty dangerous things to find out the truth. But do they really?

AR Q2 Book 1

The first book i read this marking period was “All the Bright Places” by Jennifer Niven. This book was published in 2015, and it is realistic fiction. This book was one of my favorite books I have ever read.

The story is about a high school senior named Theodore Finch. He isnt your typical high school student. He goes in and out of what he calls sleep, deep sleep, and awake. Basically when he is asleep, he is still aware of his surroundings and can remember what has happened. In his deep sleep he can function but his brain is shut down. When he’s awake, he hates it. he would much rather be asleep. Theodore struggles with depression and he thinks about killing himself but knows he never would. He always goes to the top of the bell tower at his school and just looks down. One day he found the captain of the cheer squad up there too, doing the same exact thing as he was doing. Her name is Violet Markey. She is depressed sometimes too. Her sister died in a car crash a couple months ago. Theo says hi to Violet but she just blows him off. over the next couple days, Theo tries to become friends with Violet because he knows she doesnt like her friends anymore. One day in class, their teacher assigned a partner project. Right away Theo stands up and says “I would like Violet to be my partner”. The project is for them to go around their state finding the great places to visit before they graduate. They get closer while they do their project together and I guess you’ll need to read the book to see how it ends.


AR Review

I read “A Work in Progress” by Connor Franta. It was published in April, 2015. This is a nonfiction book. I really enjoyed this book. It’s about Franta’s life. He tells all of the memories he has had with his 3 siblings. He also talks about how he started his youtube and photography career. The whole book is filled with Franta’s beautiful photography.

Connor Franta’s other works include 285 published youtube videos talking more about his life, giving advice, and more.

I definitely encourage people to read “A Work in Progress” by Connor Franta because it gives you really good advice. He ends the book by saying “The future is as bright as you let it shine. Don’t be tricked into seeing it dimly. Don’t be fooled into believing this, where you are now, is all you get. Your potential is endless. Just act. Act now. Right now. Leap. Live. Love”