Blog 23

There isn’t much happening in chapter 30. The king “confesses” to hiding the gold even though he didn’t. The Duke was in the middle of strangling him and I feel the only way he would’ve let go is if the Duke confessed. In chapter 31 however, much more happens. The king sells Jim for $40 just so he could get drunk. Huck wants to write a letter to Miss Watson, but he can’t because he stole her property. So Huck goes to find out where Jim could’ve been sold to. He finds the Phelps’s. They have Jim, but major plot twist, the Phelps’s are waiting for none other than, Tom Sawyer.

In these chapters, we are introduced to a few more characters. We are introduced to Tom Sawyer. We’ve heard about him through Huck but we never were introduced to him. He is a very adventurous kid and never takes the easy way out. We are also introduced to the Phelps’s. They own a farm and Jim was sold to them. Sally is this very excitable character and Silas is a preacher.

I think that Tom and Huck are going to get caught and that the story will have a crappy ending.

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