Short Story

The six word short story I chose was “longed for him (her), got him (her), shit”. I chose this one because I feel like a lot of people can relate to it. This story is going to be your typical and sappy love story.

The main character, Aaron, is a witty, quiet, and slightly dorky college boy that absolutely hates love (and cats). He has never found anyone worth his time and he hates seeing people being all lovey dovey. He definitely wants a relationship at some point. He enjoys basically everything outdoors, even bird watching. After a while at college, he finds a girl (Faith) that is perfect for him. They’re in the same major as eachother so they see eachother a lot. They start a really steady relationship. They’re like best friends. But then they start to grow apart. Faith then spots out Trent.

Trent is low life college student with a rich family. He can get whatever he wants, whenever he wants. The only reason he’s even in college is because his parents sent the school a ton of money. He doesn’t have a head on his shoulders. He also really enjoys himself…like a lot. His hobbies include, taking selfies, admiring comments about how hot he is on his Instagram, and looking at himself in the mirror. He doesn’t believe he has any flaws and looks up to himself. The only reason Faith fell for him was because he’s a “pretty boy”.

This is where my six word short story comes in “I longed for her, I got her, shit”. Aaron found someone, got her to like him, then lost her.

I got this idea for my story just from other books I’ve read. I really enjoy sappy love story books for some reason. I kind of based Aaron off of myself but in a guy form. Trent is then your typical “I’m better than everyone else” kind of guy.

When i first started thinking about this story, I didn’t have any details about characters. I know that I wanted a self conceded guy and I quiet, down to earth guy. I really built up Trent’s character by working through the character worksheet.

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