Poetry… again

We’ve began another section on poetry. How fun. And now we have read three new poems that were… interesting. The first is about a poor, depressed man at a rich person’s party. The next one is extremely annoying, and you have to read it by changing words into names. The other is about a dead […]

Blog 24

Huck Finn was an interesting book. I originally assumed it was the type of boring moral-lesson type book that all teachers make you read. In a sense it is, but it actually was an interesting look at morality and southern culture¬† in the late 1800s. It didn’t make everything blatantly obvious, and you had to […]

Blog 22

I Picked George R.R. Martin as my author… mostly because nobody else picked him and I know who he is. George R.R. Martin wrote the “Game of Thrones” book series which was turned into a popular TV show. He writes novels about dragons and kings and queens… He’s your stereotypical fantasy novelist. It’s interesting, and […]

Blog 20

We recently read Mark Twain’s “The Celebrated Jumping Frog of¬†Calaveras County”. It was packed with satire that was used in ways that actually built the plot of the story, and were fairly humorous. The point that was made was basically don’t judge a book by the cover. The narrator spoke and acted as though he […]

Blog 21

So far I am enjoying “Huckleberry Finn”. It is an interesting story with odd ways of showing truths and morals. Huck views the world in an interesting¬† way. He grew up sort of free and has a different outlook on people and society. Huck formed his own thoughts and opinion and gives a different stance […]

Blog 18 that is ungodly late

Song of Myself is one of the few poems I have ever liked. I thoroughly enjoyed it. None of the sections in particular was more interesting to me, I just generally liked the poem. This poem spoke about life and how we all should just get along. We don’t know what we are doing in […]

Vertigo blog thing

This movie is kinda boring so far. It’s a man stalking a woman through out the city and that’s about it. Nothing too interesting has actually happened yet and I feels it pretty bland so far. I would assume it gets better once we get further along, or at least I hope. I like the […]

Blog 17

Thoreau’s outlook on government is similar to my own. If rules are in place and there is a government to back it, the less they do beyond that the better it is for the people. I see the government as a basic safeguard for major issues/discussions, but as they control more aspects of our life, […]

Independent reading

My opinion on independent reading is that it is literally forcing kids to read and it makes them hate it. I think the school shouldn’t force kids to read past middle school and let them know that they are a responsible adult by leaving them alone. The book I chose was “Still Waters” and it […]


I had no interest in transcendentalism at first and guess what, I still don’t care. Transedawhatever is boring hippie garbage about being a good person or being divine or something stupid like that. Go hug a tree, Emerson. Transcendentalism is garbage about being better than other people because you are closer to nature than other […]