Pro Gun Control

My topic is gun control, more specifically pro gun control. People think that if we had stricter regulations it’s possible that it would reduce crime rates and mass shootings. I honestly don’t believe that, actually. If people are planning on doing harm they are going to find a way, whether it’s a black market, using explosives, stealing weapons, etc. If people are actually devoted to cause harm they will find a way. This means that my stance is actually the opposite of what I have to argue for. This will be tough for anyone who argue against themselves, basically and have to counter everything they know about the topic. People are biased and this makes arguing extremely difficult. You may be passionate about a topic, but this may make you argue against your own beliefs.Related image

Back to my topic. I know that this is a very controversial issue. Some people are over dramatic and have the whole “They’re gunna take our GUNS, (followed by loud whooping and racist remarks)” or ” Guns are so incredibly dangerous, and I’m offended” (as she packs her kids into the minivan and asks to speak to a store manager). People really get heated about this topic, but not many people actually understand the topic. The new laws would be very unlikely to take currently owned weapons from the people, and would just make it a longer, more involved process to help reduce how easy guns are to access and buy. I honestly believe that these laws wouldn’t do much to change crime rates. Most criminals will buy guns with  no serial numbers off the black market instead of having the gun tracked to them directly. The gun control laws would simply make it harder for good people to get guns and would not stop any criminal dedicated enough to find a gun on the black market.

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