Poetry thing that was due a week ago

My thoughts about poetry is that it seems complicated, but isn’t that bad once you learn about it. Writing it isn’t to terribly hard and i actually sort of enjoyed it. Free verse is really easy but I actually don’t like it. It’s really lazy but I mean whatever.  I don’t really care. Stanzic form is much nicer to read and less lazy. It’s much more appealing than free verse because free verse is garbage.  Rhythm is extremely difficult to get correct, so props to anyone who can actually do it correctly. Poetry is easy if you follow no rules, but gets more complicated and in my opinion better when you follow the rules.

Poetry seems a lot less complicated when you read it , but the inner workings are more complicated than I thought.  Hidden meanings and rhythm in the poem make it very complicated to write.  You have to know entirely what you want to do or explain way before you start writing. I have more respect for some poets now, but I also think some are lazy. The writing style is very complex but some people do it lazily or poorly. I also feel as though most poems are about love or angst or emotion or something along those lines.  The poems I’ve read and even wrote are all over dramatic and emotional.  That’s the stereotype I have for poetry.  

Overall I think that poetry is over dramatic complaining in writing form. Some forms are awful and others are somewhat impressive, but still garbage is garbage. I hate writing it, I hate analyzing it, but I don’t hate reading it to much. Hidden meaning buried in rhyme schemes written by people with way to much time on their hands. That was little bit of a rant but poetry is just over complicated complaining or people trying to be deep and edgy. Poetry is garbage  written on paper. In short I hate poetry because poetry is written by losers for losers, and it sucks. Reading back I realize that I actually changed my opinion. The more I think about poetry the more I hate it. Poetry suck


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