Space Time

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An astronaut named Diane Ramley leads a group of 6 astronauts into a long lasting space trip. Diane kept a journal of the events on the ship, and the story is written from her point of view.

The story starts with her first entry in her Journal, which was written on launch day. She talks about how excited she is and how proud her family is, but she also begins to think about what could go wrong, but quickly dismisses the thought. Later she writes about how the launch was a complete success, and there is no major issues.

The next day she writes about her crew mates and how she feels about them. On the third day. she writes abut small issues. Some of the systems were acting up, but they seem to of stopped for now.

Day 4, as the crew sleeps they pass through an electrical field. Some of the systems had stopped working when the crew awoke, but they were already far from earth. The ships auto pilot was affected, but the crew doesn’t know that yet.

On day 5 Diane writes about her family and how lonely space makes you feel. She writes about how she won’t let them down and how much she already misses earth.

Day 6. The crew should have arrived at the station by now, but it was nowhere to be found. Diane knew that something had gone wrong with the auto pilot. She attempts to contact ground control but there is no answer. Without knowing where to go the crew is lost in the void of space. They set course for the direction they think is Earth.

On day 7 rations begin to run low. Tensions run high. Crew members begin to to panic. Some get angry, others become depressed. Contact with ground control is reestablished.  The crew can’t identify their location, and the tracker was fried by the electrical storm. They can’t give coordinates, so ground control can’t tell them where to go. Diane understands that they are forever lost in space, doomed to die, as she says “Goodbye mission control. Thanks for trying”.

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