Fair Week

A whole week off of school is great… unless you get dragged to the hillbilly filled, crowded, grease covered “attraction” that is the Bloomsburg fair on the hottest day of the week. But beyond that, it is still some time off of school, and what better way to spend it than at a friends house? A trip that I almost completely forgot about, until I got the “I’m out front” text from my other friend.

On Thursday of fair week a friend and I headed to another friend’s house. We hung out playing games on his HTC Vive, which is a Virtual reality headset. It tracks your hand and body motions and applies them into the game. That stuff is crazy. You can tell how far away stuff is and everything is like it’s right in front of you. Anyways, back on topic, while one of my friends was playing in the headset, he got really into the game he was playing. He was swinging his arms and flailing, and you can’t really see what’s around you… which ended up with him swinging his hand down and slapping an Xbox across the room. It was actually pretty funny and didn’t really do any… obvious damage. Things kept going after that, and more close calls ensued. We played a Gladiator battle style fighting Game called “Gorn” that involves a lot of arm flailing and such, which created even more close calls mostly with the people sitting on the couches and a small dog. I, myself, almost knocked a lamp over while trying to dodge bullets in another game. In short, high pace games and a lack of visibility creates a pretty dangerous environment. Swinging your arms wildly and trying to dodge stuff in the middle of someone’s living room sounds sorta goofy but It’s so much fun, and simultaneously such a bad idea… but hey, most bad ideas are usually fun. Image result for htc vive

In the end, the moral of the story is be careful when using VR, because it’s awesome but also pretty dangerous. The experience is so much fun but if you aren’t careful you will end up breaking stuff or hitting people.Image result for gorn

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