A Boring Week

After a long week of pretending to take notes, I’ve learned more about characters. Stock characters, stereotypes, and single purpose characters, specifically. These characters can be rather important to the story, serving one deus ex machina like purpose, being your average guide, storekeeper, old wise man, gatekeeper, or just being on obvious trait personified (which is really just lazy writing in my opinion). A single purpose character can just walk in front of a bullet and save the main character’s life or some lazy write-off of a seemingly inescapable problem. Stock characters are basically anyone who isn’t a main character or a single purpose character. They play generic, boring roles in the story and usually all have similar, unimaginative dialogue (wow, I sound really cynical). They are the basic townsfolk that make you yawn every time they speak. They have basic dialogue that usually isn’t interesting or entertaining but may be somewhat important to the story. Finally we have stereotype characters. Characters that literally exists as basically one emotion or action personified. Whether its a whiny little sh….. brat like Ron Weasley complaining about everything and trying to be comic relief or the dark lord stereotype where the character only exists to harass and torment the world with their magnificent power, such as Voldemort, Sauron, the White Witch, Darth Sidious… this dark lord trope is particularly overused. So, in short I’ve learned more about how minor characters can actually be quite important to the main plot, even if I do find their writing lazy.

Now that I’m done ranting about fictional characters, lets talk about week 2 of school. It has been pretty average. No major events, huge controversy, or fights. I may be getting a class co-op with Mr. Marshall, which can throw some extra class credits my way, making senior year a little easier. I’ve begun working on a redesign of one of our school’s older robots for a competition in early November, and all of the new equipment that Mr. Marshall got over the summer should definitely speed up the building process. As of now nothing to interesting, but later in the year I diffidently see more interesting weeks and maybe some tales of the robotics trips.

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