A Week in Review

My first week of school? It was pretty average. I like almost all of my classes and teachers, but odds would have it I ended up with no classes with my best friend. There wasn’t anything too bad that happened. I joined a college level CAD course, which is what I plan to do as a career in the future, and it offers college credits for Penn College which is my top choice for college. I feel all in all that I had a pretty good first week of school, or maybe just average… not much different than any other week. Not phenomenal, but definitely not the worst week of school I’ve had.

I learned that most of my class mates are boring from their presentations, like… really boring. Nobody said anything that really peaked my interest, but maybe I’m just being presumptuous. I really didn’t learn anything new or interesting.

My favorite story would have the plot of “Metal Gear Solid 3”. A US special agent is dropped into enemy territory during the height of the cold war to save a scientist who wants to defect to the US. After extracting the scientist the US learns about a “super weapon” known as a “Metal Gear”. After learning this information the US sends the same agent to eliminate the super weapon. Its a Prequel to the series, and everything just gets more and more complicated until its downright confusing. It gets to a point with doppelgangers, giant robots, underwater military bases, and people with psychic powers… it’s an insane story spread out over a ton off games that just gets weirder and weirder. The weirdness of the story and the one-man army aspect of the story really made it appealing to me. It’s sort of a familiar concept with a big twist, and I love it.



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