Pro Gun Control

My topic is gun control, more specifically pro gun control. People think that if we had stricter regulations it’s possible that it would reduce crime rates and mass shootings. I honestly don’t believe that, actually. If people are planning on doing harm they are going to find a way, whether it’s a black market, using […]

I should probably start turning these in on time…

After the past weekend I’ve realized that following Franklin’s virtues is pretty hard, actually. Everyday things seemed to ruin at least one virtue. I understand that these are just guidelines to live by, but little things easily make you break these parameters. I honestly believe that some of Franklin’s virtues are only meant to be […]

Poetry thing that was do a week ago

My thoughts about poetry is that it seems complicated, but isn’t that bad once you learn about it. Writing it isn’t to terribly hard and i actually sort of enjoyed it. Free verse is really easy but I actually don’t like it. It’s really lazy but I mean whatever.  I don’t really care. Stanzic form […]

Space Time

An astronaut named Diane Ramley leads a group of 6 astronauts into a long lasting space trip. Diane kept a journal of the events on the ship, and the story is written from her point of view. The story starts with her first entry in her Journal, which was written on launch day. She talks […]

Fair Week

A whole week off of school is great… unless you get dragged to the hillbilly filled, crowded, grease covered “attraction” that is the Bloomsburg fair on the hottest day of the week. But beyond that, it is still some time off of school, and what better way to spend it than at a friends house? […]

“You Are Who You Choose to Be”

“You are who you choose to be” is the simple theme of “The Iron Giant”. Hogarth says this exact line to the Giant when the Giant believes he has to kill people. Hogarth lets the Giant be who he wants to be, and lets him know he has a choice. The Giant compares himself to […]

A Boring Week

After a long week of pretending to take notes, I’ve learned more about characters. Stock characters, stereotypes, and single purpose characters, specifically. These characters can be rather important to the story, serving one deus ex machina like purpose, being your average guide, storekeeper, old wise man, gatekeeper, or just being on obvious trait personified (which […]

A Week in Review

My first week of school? It was pretty average. I like almost all of my classes and teachers, but odds would have it I ended up with no classes with my best friend. There wasn’t anything too bad that happened. I joined a college level CAD course, which is what I plan to do as […]