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Each poem has different themes but they are all similar and all have a dark side. The Love Story poem delivers its theme by using irony, paradox, and word and phrase choice. The theme is acceptance, wanting to be accepted into society and following guidelines on how to live without sticking out. It works with Disillusionment well because even though both the themes are completely contrast, they are both related to fitting into society. Disillusionment’s theme gives the idea that everyone is too much alike, there’s no originality and nobody wants to be different. The only different and imaginative person is the drunken sailor and even in the nighttime, nobody wishes to be different. They don’t want to wear different night clothes, just plain white, and the man can’t understand why they wouldn’t want to be different if it’s at bedtime where nobody would judge you. The third poem definitely has to do with society too, but i’m not sure of the theme of that poem. Out of the three, I think Disillusionment has the most to connect to today’s society. You see it most in teenagers, a lot of them dress the same, and most of them are scared to leave their comfort zone in fear that they’ll be judged or bullied. So they stay in their comfort zone and do what the next person does.


My favorite poem would be The Love Story. While we read it aloud and when I read it several times on my own, it was really easy to understand. But not a boring kind of easy, it was just conveyed really well and I think it tells a harsh story on the issue of being sculpted by your surroundings. I first saw the length of it and groaned (like everyone else when they’re presented with a poem) but this isn’t a boring or dragged-out poem.


Not gonna lie, the book was definitely not what I was expecting. I didn’t really like it as much as I thought I would. The themes were accomplished well, a lot of character development and such. It compares to TKaMB language wise, the dialogue was totally hard to understand. I only liked the part in the end of the book where Jim declares his freedom. The rest was kind of… useless. I would change it that Tom dies to make it interesting, but that sounds really bad. I think a good lesson for modern readers is to not grow up too fast, but know when to be mature. I don’t really think the actual story applies to our society at all, except the abusive dad and immature young boys.


Our Huck Finn project is going to be a journal written by Huck himself and we plan to stain it with tea to make it look old. We’d like to build a small raft and put objects on it that represent each character or theme in the book too. We thought it would be a good way to show the themes in real life and explain them through objects. We were going to do a video but I don’t think that’s going to happen anymore.

what’s gonna happen?

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So we now find out that Jim has been sold by the King and the Duke and Huck is very upset about it. Right now we realize how much Jim actually means to Huck and he’s going to go on his own to go save him. This is a pretty big leap from Huck wanting to turn him in previously to wanting to save him from slavery. I think this is Huck’s biggest moment of character development because he sees Jim as a friend/family member now. Later we finally run into Tom in the book, who agrees to help Huck get Jim back, even though Tom is supposed to be for slavery. We then meet Sally and Silas who own the slave plantation and are related to Tom. Tom seems to have development because even though he’s for slavery, he still wants to help Huck, which also shows how good of a friend he is too because the punishment for helping to free slaves is death.

For the setting of the book right now, I honestly don’t know what Twain is trying to say for the plantation. I just know that’s where most slaves (and Jim) is kept and worked.

My prediction for the ending is that Huck and Tom will free Jim without getting caught. That sounds pretty crummy but I honestly think Huck is going to get his way, Of course I also think there’s gonna be much more character development in between the end and now.

The King

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I selected the horror novel classic author, Steven King. Even if you’ve never read anything written by him, you still know his name because he’s just that cool. He’s said to have written the best horror stories and is famous for The Shining, which is a classic movie that I enjoy. I couldn’t decide between Edgar Allen Poe or King, but pretty much anyone who doesn’t live under a rock knows about Poe. Like I said before, Steven King is most known for his long novels, however he does write some pretty juicy short stories as well but they’re not as well known. I kind of figured I would have to read a book by him if I was selected for the project. So that’s what i’m doing now, I chose to read Cujo which I’m actually really excited to finish. The three works I wanted to read but couldn’t find in the library are The Shining (novel), Graveyard Shift (short story), and 1922 (short story). The only reason these are interesting to me is that most sources say these are the most chilling books and I sure do love scary stories lemme tell ya. 

Steven King was born in 1947 and spent most of his life in Maine and Indiana after his parents divorced. He went to the University of Maine and graduated with the ability to teach at a high school level. He married his wife Tabitha later in 1971 and continued on to be great by providing scholarships to local high schools and national charities. Unlike some dark authors, he didn’t face a rough childhood besides from the fact that his parents split when he was a toddler. There’s still more to learn about King but that’s pretty much the gist of him.


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I thought the short story was pretty cool, easy to understand, and not a lot of elaboration needed. In our short discussion, I saw that it was a pretty clever story and I like how the “dumb guy” was actually the smart one in this situation.

I think independent reading in my class isn’t a problem at all. I think the book trailer idea was actually pretty cool and was kind of fun to do. The ugly thing about IR is that there’s always people who won’t do it and even though I do it, I hate doing it. I don’t think it encourages reading, it just pushes you to read so you can pass the class. It’s not hard but I just think it’s a little obscure, especially when a lot of people don’t even do it.

Chapter 1 of Huck Finn wasn’t very exciting. I am excited to read this book though, just not exactly read it. Mostly because I hate trying to read southern accents and I can never actually wrap my brain around it. The story itself will be about an abused, rebellious 12-14 year old boy who doesn’t like the rules of society. I didn’t have any first impressions really, since I knew we were gonna read this and I have already read Tom Sawyer, so I’m pretty much ready for this.


huckleferry binn

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I remember when I was a freshman and, being friends with mostly juniors, they obviously had this class. I remember my friend making a really cool sculpture of Huck and his raft out of clay and I remember him saying how good the book was. I loved that sculpture and knowing it was similar to Tom Sawyer, I was kind of excited to read it. The FACT that it’s banned in some schools and libraries made me even more excited to dig into it. I know it wasn’t going to be a bad book, the only thing I don’t like (in any form of writing) is a southern accent. My brain cannot wrap itself around a written, thick southern accent. I do like that there’s no censorship in this book, just flat out passive aggressively insulting people. The child abuse is just a great addition too, very uplifting… just kidding. It makes me uncomfortable that Tom feels “at home” being abused. This book gives me a mild To Kill a Mocking Bird vibe because of the slavery and language. I wasn’t expecting a lot from this book, I just want to read it because I feel like it’s a book that everyone reads at least once in their life.

One thing I wish we had was actual books. I tried to read it in the car and MackinVIA doesn’t work with personal hot spots :’). I hate reading online and it hurts my eyes, I feel like I get more reading done when I have it in my hands. I’m definitely more willing to read this than some of the other things we were forced to read.



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I love humor, satire especially because it’s basically sarcasm (which i’m really good at). My most favorite use of satire would be memes and vines, which i’m sure everyone knows what those are. I personally love self-deprecating humor because that’s how I make most of my jokes but if it were jokes I like to hear, it would have to be dark humor. I’m gonna include a link to the most popular The Office episode because that show includes my favorite kind of humors.  <— Cpr training Satire

The only thing i’m familiar with that’s written by Mark Twain is The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. I don’t know much about the book, it just says it’s named one of the Greatest American Novels. I’ve heard his name a lot and some of his quotes as well, it’s not like Walt Whitman whom I’ve never heard of until this class. I DO remember reading Tom Sawyer in 4th grade, I don’t know if that’s related or anything but it came up when I read his bibliography. I thought TOm Sawyer and Huck Finn were the same thing for the longest time but I guess not.

oof pt.2

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Okay so I thought this would be a rank movie but I actually am really enjoying it so far. I adore old movies with old fashioned things, cars, outfits, and filming. The only thing I didn’t like about this movie (so far) is that the screen was skipping and the sound was off so I couldn’t enjoy it. I also don’t like how dramatic Madeline is, it makes me kind of cringe, yanoe? For a critique, I feel like this movie was good for it’s time. Now, it wouldn’t be a very exciting premier or anything like that. If this movie were made today, It would be absolutely awesome with the effects and acting. I can’t really say my predictions for the movie because before we started the movie, I looked up the entire plot summary and read the ending and the pre-end. Even though I know what’s going to happen, i’m excited to see it in action rather than reading.

I think the actors were perfect for the roles so far. Even though Madeline is a little dramatic, I think she’s a good character and I really adore her. Scotty’s voice annoys me a little bit but hey, that’s just me. I dig the drama too, like Scotty makes out with his friends wife, she comes and sees him, it’s funny.

I don’t know what else to say, we’re not far enough in the film for me to bring up anything else.

A Song That’s Worse Than Country Music

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My reaction is the same as any other assignment we successfully finish, relieved. Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing I love more than understanding something but this still confuses me slightly. I hate analyzing poetry and my view on poetry still hasn’t changed from the first poetry blog you made me write. I don’t wanna be one of those students who just milk the phrase “I was surprised/shocked after reading this, it changed my view blah blah”.  My favorite section (or the only section I like) would be section 1. It’s quite simple to understand and I like the meaning it has to it. Basically, “I love myself, I love everyone else, and everything is cool because we’re all the same technically” is the mood for that section and it’s a great start to a long and confusing poem. I think Whitman is a pretty cool guy for having so much love for himself and others, something I strive to do every day (minus loving everyone).

Since Whitman loves EVERYONE, you can totally get the feminist vibes throughout this poem, which is something I brought up in our slides. Feminism has a pretty big significance in today’s culture, whether you like to admit it or not, it will always be here. “The latest dates, discoveries, inventions, societies, authors old and new”. Look, even Whitman’s world had inventions and new things, all of which are still active today. 

The only question/concern I have for this piece is… can it be interpreted different? McGarry told us, basically, that a poem is what you interpret from it. Like when we read “Smile”, it was a poem that you had to analyze yourself and there was no right or wrong answer as long as you had evidence to support your thoughts. So is this poem allowed to be like that? I don’t know, pretty random thought but I felt like there could be different interpretations to this poem rather than just God.

I’d rate this poem 8/10 I guess, since it’s really well written and he finished it on his death bed; 10/10 probably wouldn’t read again.

civil disobedience

I don’t personally know what it’s like to have a government which governs least so I don’t know how it would turn out. Our government thinks we need more rules to keep us safe or from committing crime. I don’t think it matters how much we are governed, people are still gonna commit atrocious crimes and hurt people and it doesn’t make a difference how many rules we have.  The role of government is merely to keep their people under control and keep everything in order.. oh and to take our money through taxes but that’s been around for hundreds of years.

The only government that I can think of that commands respect is a government ruled by a king, or a communistic government, or North Korea. I mean, our government could care less if you respect them as long as you pay your taxes and don’t commit a heinous crime. A government ruled by a king or queen or North Korea is very touchy, with rules like “you cannot speak bad about your government” or no freedom of speech or you’ll get executed.

Civil Disobedience today mostly consists of people trying to get their way or have new things in place to fix a current “problem”. Like when people stand in court or lay on the floor, walk out etc. It’s just peaceful protest and you see it every day.