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I agree with the statement, “that government is best which governs least.” I agree because the government is way too involved and makes a lot of matters way more complicated than they need to be in my opinion. I think that a lot of situations that the government tries to fix could go unfixed or work themselves out. Also, I agree with the statement because a lot of the situations the us gets involved in we have no part in getting involved and let the countries where there is conflict work it out and be their problem where we would not have to waste time money and resources. But  we do need a government but not too involved and it’s impossible to run the country without one. I think it is a fine line of where the government needs to get involved and one way it can be crossed is for safety because safety should be the governments number one priority. It is the government’s job to protect us and are debt to them for security is taxes but why do they get to set tax brackets and decide who gives more or less. Also, I believe the government should help those who can not(not someone who is lazy but someone who physically or mentally can not provide) help themselves. Through benefits and aid. Civil disobedience is still very effective today. It plays an extreme role in how our country makes decisions and what actions the country takes. It affects these decisions because government try to appease everyone and even other countries. By standing up and protesting, it reminds governments that they are only in power because of the obedience of its people and it is the “peoples” government. A government can’t be a government with no citizens, they run the government through elections and such. The government can punish people who disobey but that can just cause more hatred and anger in the country, and eventually leading to roits. This is why civil disobedience is still effective and used today. Image result for martin luther

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Thoreau and Emerson have the same views when it comes to living your life. They both think that you and only you control your life and what you do. Both agree that others have a little bit of influence on your life but they should not control it. In “Where I Lived and What I Lived For?”  the concept is to be simple. He says that we worry about unnecessary things that we should let go. The idea of money can not happiness is also discussed.  Also how less fortunate people should not be upset that they are poor but be happy for life. Overall your life is yours and nobody elses so go out and live it for yourself and not let people influence you greatly. This is why the passage is similar to “Where I lived and what for.” The woods experiment showed how simple life can be. It also described how you can be pressured by society and how it can influence you. In the woods experiment one would not have to worry about pleasing others and could focus on their own goals. Living in the woods would increase your ability to only worry about yourself and only yourself. Living in the woods would help you but not anyone else who you are close to and that would not be good for society or your family. I could not live in the woods because I would get bored and worry about others. I would also probably go crazy. I feel like I would start talking to myself and think it was other actual people. Overall, only you can determine what way you want to live your life and whether or not have others influence you.  Society can be very influential but it is always your choice and no one elses. I think that the modern reader should learn to live their own life and limit society’s influence on you and your choices. It may be a difficult challenge to avoid society and its influences but it must be done to live a simple life to its entirety.

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The purpose of ir is to get kids reading and grow your vocabulary. Offer rewards for reading books. I selected Hit Count because it is a football book and I like football. After reading the first chapter I think Ray is going to get hurt from football. I like the book so far. I do not have any concerns about the assignment and the idea is really cool.

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I do not really know anything about transcendentalism. Other than to move beyond. Im not sure if that means to just move beyond or if it means spiritually move on. I believe that man is naturally good. I agree with man needs society to keep in line and to learn what is right and wrong in life. I argue this because without society there is nothing man can learn from and how would they improve the life of others without society to teach them.  The stories were very confusing and didnt make sense. Also the idea of transcendentalism is also very confusing.

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School uniforms have been argued for years and by many different people. They argue through a variety of ways but mainly verbal at meetings and such. I argued with facts and statistics and some emotional appeal to get the readers emotions into the topic. My peers construct the same argument. Adults construct the same type of arguments with just a little more development of ideas. The best debate other than my own was textbooks and tablets. I liked this debate because it wasn’t so uptight and they both had good points about the subjects. I have the same thoughts just that they are more developed. I added a few more ideas as well. I learned that arguing is more than just yelling back and forth but having a debate can be very instructional and a successful way to sway opinions. I thought it was pretty easy to develop the debate. I thought it was easy because all i had to do is research and report the statistics. Image result for debating

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My opinion on school uniforms has not changed because i do not personally want to wear a school uniform. School uniforms did decrease violence and this is interesting because I would of thought that it would of stayed the same. It is compelling because it could make schools safer. I did not know this before the debate and it came from a source called “The Spruce”. I used the emotion of safety and fear. People really fear for their kids safety. It already has emotion because people feel strongly about the topic. It could inflict on peoples religion. The one argument against it is that it affects religion. and one of it is it increases safety. Emotion helps the arrangement the most and many people use the emotion of fear. One fallacy is that school uniforms add safety which increases grades. Having a debate was very useful and helped me understand the topic of school uniforms. I will be more prepared for debates in the future.  Image result for debate

Swagger by carl dukker

The book swagger by carl dukker was a very good book that i recommend everyone who loves sports should read. Jonas was a young kid with lots of ability in a big city. He was a smaller underdeveloped kid tho. As he grew older he developed into a great player. He stared in high school and helped his team win three state championships. He was named MVP of the whole league and went on to play college basketball and eventually ending up in the NBA. The books shows that many starts come from humble beginnings. Overall it was a good read and I recommend this book.

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My topic for the debate is school uniforms. I was assigned the pro side for arguing for school uniforms.  My personal position on this topic is i do not support school uniforms. I know that some schools have school uniforms to promote equality and some have that for safety. Many school uniforms consist of khakis and and a polo shirt. The uniform is also used so kids do not wear inappropriate clothes to school. One research result that came up was a twitter page supporting school uniforms and their value to public education. Also a published piece by the spruce shows up arguing the pros of  school uniforms. There is also pages inquiring the pros and cons of school uniforms. I plan to address the topic logically by stating both sides of the argument and the pros and cons. I also plan on appealing to the audiences emotions and feelings. One ethical argument for school uniforms is people who wear the head piece for their religion. This idea could be used to debunk the whole school uniform thing because someone could argue that if they are aloud to stand out then why cant we. Another issue with the argument is how the uniform will be enforced. Also how far the school will go in the uniform like just pants or shirts or shoes. Some emotions that come to play are anger. One could get very angry if the school pushed for school uniforms. Plus all the existing clothes you have you could not wear unless on the weekends. But on the other side you could get the emotion of fear. Arguing that with out school uniforms students could smuggle things into the school making it unsafe. In total I am against school uniforms but i have to argue for them.  Image result for school uniforms pro

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My article was about how baseball games take too long. They stated how the mlb is failing at shortening mlb games and why they are. The article also said how baseball needs to be more like soccer. I however believe baseball games are the perfect length. Many people, in fact most people believe mlb games are the right length. The longer the game the more food people buy which means more money for the teams. Also the longer the game the more people tune into the game based on how late the games go and when people get off work and from school activities. Also who wouldn’t want to spend and entire day at the ballpark with their family and friends. Being at a baseball game can really bring people together. Being around some of the best athletes in the world is pretty amazing as well. When your a young child and you look up to the great players you would want to be at the ball park all day. Being at the game before it even starts can be rewarding too. The players sign autographs and hit home run balls that you can keep. For example, the Yankees have the best home run hitting players in the mlb and they hit an average of 8 home runs into the stands before the game starts. That is just two players on the whole team. It is also very ethical to go to a baseball game. It is americas past time and americas game. Also the more money the teams raise the more the fans get in return. For example, they will hold a free hat or a free bobble head night. This brings up another good point, if you are one of the first 20,000 fans you can only receive this. So just another example of why the mlb should keep the games how they are and not shorten them. Shortening them would not only cripple the mlb but also the fans and their family. Another good point is that there really isnt any good reason to shorten games for it is not needed and unnecessary. The only reason the mlb states is to cut down on electricity costs. This means the lights and vendors but keeping the lights on a extra 20 minutes will help the mlb in the long run and help sustain the game of baseball we all know and love.

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Franklin had a lot of virtues to follow and I think it is impossible to follow every single virtue perfectly. But if they are tried you will succeed at most of them and be happy if you tried your very best. The one virtue I broke almost everyday was industry. Our group took industry as being on social media too much. I found my self on my phone or watching tv when I should of been studying or doing homework. Most kids my age would probably violate this virtue everyday. Resolution was hard to follow for the very same reason. I told myself I was going to study but would procrastinate and study later. I did follow sincerity pretty well this week and i also followed justice. I also followed the virtue of temperance because I did not drink or eat to excess. Temperance is a very easy virtue to follow. I also followed cleanliness which most people probably should. Our group actually got rid of the virtue of cleanliness because we felt staying clean is necessary and not everyone around the world has soap and water. We added a virtue to our project. The virtue was patriotism. We felt this was necessary because loving and supporting ones country is important to its success. Also we added confidence because it is important to have confidence when expressing ideas. I find humility a pretty pointless virtue. I followed this virtue but i really do not think it is important and Franklin should have cut it from the virtues list. I followed tranquility too. I didn’t get mad or upset at small things which i never do anyway.We  added the virtue of generosity because we felt it is important to help other people out and make there life better. That can anything from donating to a charity or just giving someone food to eat. Lastly I followed frugality. I did not buy anything I did not need and just things I needed. In total I followed just about all the virtues in exception to a few that are almost impossible to follow.  Image result for ben franklin