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Franklin had a lot of virtues to follow and I think it is impossible to follow every single virtue perfectly. But if they are tried you will succeed at most of them and be happy if you tried your very best. The one virtue I broke almost everyday was industry. Our group took industry as being on social media too much. I found my self on my phone or watching tv when I should of been studying or doing homework. Most kids my age would probably violate this virtue everyday. Resolution was hard to follow for the very same reason. I told myself I was going to study but would procrastinate and study later. I did follow sincerity pretty well this week and i also followed justice. I also followed the virtue of temperance because I did not drink or eat to excess. Temperance is a very easy virtue to follow. I also followed cleanliness which most people probably should. Our group actually got rid of the virtue of cleanliness because we felt staying clean is necessary and not everyone around the world has soap and water. We added a virtue to our project. The virtue was patriotism. We felt this was necessary because loving and supporting ones country is important to its success. Also we added confidence because it is important to have confidence when expressing ideas. I find humility a pretty pointless virtue. I followed this virtue but i really do not think it is important and Franklin should have cut it from the virtues list. I followed tranquility too. I didn’t get mad or upset at small things which i never do anyway.We  added the virtue of generosity because we felt it is important to help other people out and make there life better. That can anything from donating to a charity or just giving someone food to eat. Lastly I followed frugality. I did not buy anything I did not need and just things I needed. In total I followed just about all the virtues in exception to a few that are almost impossible to follow.  Image result for ben franklin

Blog 8

My initial reaction to the poem “A Smile” is I have lots of questions. The poem has a meaning beyond its contents. It is a depressing and sad poem to read. For example the title “A Smile” is meaning to put on a smile to hide your sadness. I have many questions about the work. Such as, why is there breaks in the stanza between lines? Also there is part where there is three * in a stanza and I don’t know what that means. I would assume it is to cause effect and let the lines sink in as the reader reads them slowly. I also am wondering why is there so many allusions and why you decided to specifically put the ones you chose in the poem. They add to the work and also help develop the poems theme. The theme has to do with having dreams and not achieving them which causes sadness. The allusions back this up. I also am wondering why you made the first stanza about a song by the Eagles. I think the poem “A Smile” is about a person who had big dreams and is doesn’t reach them and is dealing with sadness. I conclude this idea because all the allusions deal with sadness and the title has a deeper meaning. The poem could also be that a reader will read this and work harder to make sure the feeling that the writer feels will not happen to him. All the allusions are effective but some are more important than others. The allusion “Hearing mermaids sing, but none to me” is the most important allusion because it shows how the mermaids will sing to about everybody but do not sing to him. This shows he is not wanted and is sad about this. Also the allusion “As dreamers lie” is important because it shows how dreams are lies and not real. Also the quote shows how dreams are not achievable to this person and he is a waste. Many of the allusions are useful, but these two in particular are very important to the poem an its theme. Image result for mercutio

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My first draft was actually pretty good. I was happy with the first draft just to get things started. It was about this kid who was not that good at baseball and was last in the batting order. In the end he hit the game winning home run and was remembered forever. The pitcher who was really really good was forgotten forever. I included a nice simile and metaphor that added to the poems content. I also used a clever allusion to tie the work together. My final draft was a piggy back off of my first poem in a way. I used the same last four lines of my first poem in my final draft because they defined the theme. I also included i different twist with more similes and better rhymes at the end of the lines. I used A B A B rhyme scheme. The one thing i dont know about my final draft is if my poem has a purpose or meaning for being written. I also do not know if I have enough content or words in the lines o make a meaningful sentence. My poem is obviously about baseball and to never give up. The team was down by one run in the bottom of the last inning and they came back to win the game and the championship. I made an allusion to babe ruth that is very important to the work because babe ruth is one of the greatest baseball players ever. This told the reader that the kid had potential if he is being compared to babe ruth. This is also important because every time someone talks about baseball you think Babe Ruth and his legend. The metaphor I used was the pitcher will never be remembered. This states that he was on no ones mind and left out. He is the one who lost the team the game and the batter will always be remembered because he won the game for them. I thought overall my final draft was decent but not sure about the meaning for the poem to be written.

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I do not like poetry at all. It is hard to read and interpret the correct meaning. Also I am not very good at writing poems. Some poems didn’t really make a whole lot of sense either. My first thought about reading poetry was oh great. When we read poetry last year I had the same thought. I don’t really enjoy reading poetry and interpreting the poems meanings. I feel like only the author truly knows the poems exact meaning. Writing your own poem is very complex as well. First you have to come up with an idea worth writing about and follow a specific form. Then you need to pick out a rhyme scheme and piece that together. Lastly, You type the poem up and read over it and realize it is not even a good poem. The one think I like about poetry is the rhyming. The rhymes make the poems easy to read and gives it a rhythm. After writing my own poem i realize how talented a writer must be in order to write a useful poem. I also realized there are multiple parts to writing a poem. The rhymes, form, and the hardest part is defining a theme. It is hard to have a definite theme in such a small piece of writing with so little words. I did think it was pretty easy to incorporate allusions and other literary devices. I used the rhyme scheme of A B A B and really liked linking every other line through a rhyme and really making the poem flow nicely. In my poem i included a metaphor which really explained how far the kid in my poem hit the baseball. I also included a simile comparing the kid to an ox. That showed how strong the kid really was. Overall, i did but i didn’t enjoy writing my own poem. In total, I do not like or reading poetry.

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Payback time

The tome Payback Time was not very good or well-written. I did not enjoy this story either. The story was about this kid who suffers an injury and must work his way back from injury. He tore his ACl in a game against the niners and ever since when he walked he heard a pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop. The pops were so bad they became repetitive. He works his way back and wins the game against the same team he got hurt against. Over all i dont recommend this book.

shoeless joe

I did not like the story Shoe less Joe. I found the story very dry and not useful. The story is mostly a fantasy in which none of the events will actually occur. Ray is told in a dream to build a baseball field so a pastime will come to play on it. The story occurs 60 years later after a scandal to Joe Jackson and his team in the world series. Ray grows up in a rural part of the country where he farms and lives for baseball. Ray goes to a game in Boston where he meets an author and he must convince him to come back to Iowa with him to show him this magical baseball field. This made me think that Ray was desperate to get the story of the baseball field out for him to travel all the way to Boston just to see a baseball game and meet this guy that he has only heard of. The author of this book did a poor job of convincing the reason for Ray to go to Boston. Once Ray meets this guy he describes the situation with the magical baseball field and the guy takes it all in and considers what his next move will be. Finally the guy says he will come to Iowa to witness this Magical baseball field and watch a game on it and publish a story depending if he enjoys the experience. This creates hope for the reader that Joe’s plan will come to fruition and turn out all right. It also shows how committed Ray is to figuring out what occurred in his dream and how he took the dream to heart and is figuring out the past. On the way back to Iowa Ray and the guy talk about the story and how the baseball field was built and all the work that was put into it to show the guy that this story is worth his time. Ray also discuss’s all the memories he had back in Iowa and all the magical games that were played on that field and how the players went on to do great things in life all do to the field and its magical “shoe less Joe” powers. When they arrive in Iowa there are old players and coaches their to great them and show them around. Once they reached the field the Players faces light up and the mysterious guy took it in writing on his notepad the whole experience. My reaction to this is kind of mixed. I understand that the field is special to the people of Iowa but it is just a baseball field and it can not have magical powers. Also why would this mysterious guy travel all the way to Iowa just to witness the pedestrian event occur. Also the author never specified why the field was so special and close to many of the people of Iowa. In the end the guy writes the story about the magical field and how he enjoyed the game that was played there. The guy goes on to say how the game felt magical and how he said that other people should visit the place where magic took place. In the end i did not like this story at all. It was really dry and didn’t have a lot to it. Also it was hard to understand what was happening. I do not recommend this book to anyone because it was a tough read and just plain awful. Also the book was very confusing due to all the different scene changes and all the different characters.

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The six word short story i picked was “Easy. Just touch the match to”. I chose this short story because I knew I could formulate the six words into a story that had a good conflict. My story has three main characters. The characters are Mr. Johnson, Bobby and Billy Brand. Mr. Johnson lives on a ranch in Texas with his son. The Brand Brothers live on a neighboring farm and are very mischievously. They regularly “visit” Mr. Johnson’s farm and cause trouble. The Brand Brothers take Mr. Johnson’s tools and mess with his cows. One day Mr. Johnson was working on the ranch and The brothers were throwing rocks at the cows. Mr Johnson saw them and he grabbed his gun and walked back outside. The brothers saw Mr. Johnson with his gun and fled to Mr. Johnson’s shed. Mr. Johnson searched the farm for the brothers. He entered the shed and the brothers were taking Mr. Johnson’s tools. Mr. Johnson fired his gun and grazed Bobby on the leg. As Mr. Johnson was reloading his gun the brothers charged at him and they started to fight. The brothers eventually backed off as Mr. Johnson’s son came over as he heard the commotion and evened the fight. They drove the brothers off the property by shooting and trowing large rocks at them. Mr. Johnson also let his beagles out to scare them the rest of the way off the property. Later that evening, Mr. Johnson and his son were discussing how to keep the brothers off of the property. Mr. Johnson’s son said, “Easy. Just touch the match to”. This idea made Mr. Johnson’s face light up. The next day they went to the brothers house and made sure they were inside. Once they knew the brothers were inside, they barricaded the doors and windows. Mr. Johnson poured some gasoline near the house and dropped a match as his son says, “Easy. Just touch the match to”. This idea of this story came from learning about ranches in Texas and how people defended their land. My concept never really changed throughout the whole process. I kept the same idea the whole way through. Image result for texas ranch

Blog 4

Fair week was full of good times and GREAT food. The first few days of the fair were way too hot for my liking. I ate so much ice cream those first few days to combat the heat. Monday i went with friends and that was really fun. We walked around trying all the food. Also it was funny because every time we walked by the carnies they begged us to play their games. As the week went on it started to feel more and more like fall and fair weather. The ice cream was not needed and the hot chocolate was what i was craving. I also had four Vince’s cheese steaks during the course of the week. Overall the week was very fun but went by way too fast.Image result for ice cream
One event from the week was the football game Friday night. The weather was nice at Bloomsburg High School as the sun started to fall. The opponent was Heughsville. The game started of great with kick return for a touchdown on the very first play. Little did we know, those six points would be all we needed the whole game. But later in the first half we added another touchdown to make the score 13-0 at half. The game was going well but not great. We came out for the second half pumped and excited to finish them off. Six minutes in, rain started to pour down and the wind picked up. The rain mixed with the wind felt like ice hitting your body. We knew we must overcome this challenge in order to win the game. The second half we were going back and forth with Heughsville as the score remained 13-0. We had a few big plays but couldn’t get any points on the board. The rain then subsided and we played our game. We held the opponent to 0 points for the whole game. It was a shutout. We won the game 13-0 behind a good team effort. The one thing I would take away from the experience would to never underestimate an opponent. They were a good team but the game should not have been that close.Image result for football

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Oh shoot, its a shooter! Shooter’s theme is perseverance. Bobby had to be really focused and locked-in in order to have survived the movie and a prove his innocence. Shooter was set in Washington D.C at the time of a Presidential speech. The movie was also set in the Rocky mountains where Bobby lived in a remote shack. Bobby also goes around the country trying to find the people who set him up and kill them. The main character is Bobby Lee Swagger who was in the military. Other characters include Bobby’s friends wife, his old scout, and the people who set him up. The movie gives off a very dreary and unsettled mood. This creates suspense for the audience.

The setting in the movie Shooter helped develop the theme immensely. The theme of perseverance is reinforced through the setting because the setting provides obstacles that Bobby Lee Swagger must overcome. For example, in the movie, Washington D.C.’s setting of a crowded city caused swagger to hide and dodge his way out of trouble. There was cops and FBI agents everywhere and Bobby was forced to his limits to escape the city. Bobby Lee Swagger was the antagonist in the movie. He is the only main character throughout the movie. The metaphor of  “we let this country be run by thugs” shows Bobby’s displeasure in the government. Also this shows what side Bobby is on in the movie. Such as, he is on the small team of him and his scout. While his competition was the US government. realistically Bobby would have no chance of escaping the drama and would probably of died. Somehow he finds a way to persevere through the hard and dreary times. In the end Bobby comes face to face with the man who set him up. This is a great scene because it shows all that Bobby overcomes to track down this man. Bobby then kills the guy and leaves the area. Which wraps up the movie and shows Bobby’s perseverance.

Bobby’s journey throughout the movie really highlighted his perseverance and willpower to survive and show his true character.Image result for shooter the movieImage result for shooter the movie

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The week of notes on short story terminology was well worth it. We also had good discussions on the terms and how to implement them in different situations. I learned many new terms and definitions. For example, I learned the term Denouement. Denouement is the solving of a conflict created in the rising action. The terms will help me understand short stories better because I can now look for what the author’s purpose for writing the story is and what he/she is trying to say. Also how characters are divided into two groups based on their role in the story. The first group is Major and this describes the main characters in the book from beginning to end. The second group is all other characters which fall into the category of minor. This helps the reader pick out which characters matter and centered in the story. Also this term is useful for the reader because it can identify the main characters friends and enemies. Overall the notes and discussions we had in class were very useful in understanding short stories.

Week one was a good week as far as school goes and week two was more of the same. I had football practice and that went pretty well. I had a game as well. The one thing I didn’t like was I had a math summer work test which I had to study a lot for. Also my schedule remained the same which is a plus. Week two was probably better than week one honestly. This is the case because I got used to the schedule more and waking up early. Also I didn’t have to look at my scheduling paper this week to find my classes. I am starting to also get a feel how my classes are going to be this year and how much ill need to study for them. My hardest class will probably be math for sure. Its a lot of new concepts and different formulas i never learned before. The school lunch is also not as bad as remembered it to be. Overall, week two was successful week.


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