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I liked the book as a whole a lot other than I thought the ending was really frustrating. It is frustrating because Jim has been free the whole entire time and the book wasted a lot of time on the one thing that already happened. I think the book could go on to what Jim does and how he was freed way quicker instead of using the book to “free” someone that has been free the whole time. The book was actually better than expected because I thought it would be boring being written long ago and it was actually pretty interesting. Yes it did accomplish its job in the themes and backed them up quite well. I read other books that differ in genre and do not really compare to Huck Finn. I like Huck Finn but I can not compare it to the other books because they are way different and I read fiction. I do not like the last few chapters but I would not change them because that is what makes Huck Finn Huck Finn. The modern reader can take the style of writing away from the book. The writing is very informal and deep south talk. I think the novel still applys to today because of the racism that still exists in the world today. Also it explains the country’s history and how we must learn from the dark times that we had such as slavery and freeing them. If you were caught you were hung or lynched very violently. Our Huck Finn project is going to be a game board. The concept is going to be the game of life but with Huck Finn. The game board will be on cardboard so it will be nice and not flimsy. We picked this idea because it is a fun way to depict Huck Finn and I personally think will be very effective in connecting to the audience. I expect it to turn out well and get at least a 100. I think we will get bonus because it will be so good and will be a published game.



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