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My topic for the debate is school uniforms. I was assigned the pro side for arguing for school uniforms.  My personal position on this topic is i do not support school uniforms. I know that some schools have school uniforms to promote equality and some have that for safety. Many school uniforms consist of khakis and and a polo shirt. The uniform is also used so kids do not wear inappropriate clothes to school. One research result that came up was a twitter page supporting school uniforms and their value to public education. Also a published piece by the spruce shows up arguing the pros of  school uniforms. There is also pages inquiring the pros and cons of school uniforms. I plan to address the topic logically by stating both sides of the argument and the pros and cons. I also plan on appealing to the audiences emotions and feelings. One ethical argument for school uniforms is people who wear the head piece for their religion. This idea could be used to debunk the whole school uniform thing because someone could argue that if they are aloud to stand out then why cant we. Another issue with the argument is how the uniform will be enforced. Also how far the school will go in the uniform like just pants or shirts or shoes. Some emotions that come to play are anger. One could get very angry if the school pushed for school uniforms. Plus all the existing clothes you have you could not wear unless on the weekends. But on the other side you could get the emotion of fear. Arguing that with out school uniforms students could smuggle things into the school making it unsafe. In total I am against school uniforms but i have to argue for them.  Image result for school uniforms pro

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