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Franklin had a lot of virtues to follow and I think it is impossible to follow every single virtue perfectly. But if they are tried you will succeed at most of them and be happy if you tried your very best. The one virtue I broke almost everyday was industry. Our group took industry as being on social media too much. I found my self on my phone or watching tv when I should of been studying or doing homework. Most kids my age would probably violate this virtue everyday. Resolution was hard to follow for the very same reason. I told myself I was going to study but would procrastinate and study later. I did follow sincerity pretty well this week and i also followed justice. I also followed the virtue of temperance because I did not drink or eat to excess. Temperance is a very easy virtue to follow. I also followed cleanliness which most people probably should. Our group actually got rid of the virtue of cleanliness because we felt staying clean is necessary and not everyone around the world has soap and water. We added a virtue to our project. The virtue was patriotism. We felt this was necessary because loving and supporting ones country is important to its success. Also we added confidence because it is important to have confidence when expressing ideas. I find humility a pretty pointless virtue. I followed this virtue but i really do not think it is important and Franklin should have cut it from the virtues list. I followed tranquility too. I didn’t get mad or upset at small things which i never do anyway.We  added the virtue of generosity because we felt it is important to help other people out and make there life better. That can anything from donating to a charity or just giving someone food to eat. Lastly I followed frugality. I did not buy anything I did not need and just things I needed. In total I followed just about all the virtues in exception to a few that are almost impossible to follow.  Image result for ben franklin

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