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My article was about how baseball games take too long. They stated how the mlb is failing at shortening mlb games and why they are. The article also said how baseball needs to be more like soccer. I however believe baseball games are the perfect length. Many people, in fact most people believe mlb games are the right length. The longer the game the more food people buy which means more money for the teams. Also the longer the game the more people tune into the game based on how late the games go and when people get off work and from school activities. Also who wouldn’t want to spend and entire day at the ballpark with their family and friends. Being at a baseball game can really bring people together. Being around some of the best athletes in the world is pretty amazing as well. When your a young child and you look up to the great players you would want to be at the ball park all day. Being at the game before it even starts can be rewarding too. The players sign autographs and hit home run balls that you can keep. For example, the Yankees have the best home run hitting players in the mlb and they hit an average of 8 home runs into the stands before the game starts. That is just two players on the whole team. It is also very ethical to go to a baseball game. It is americas past time and americas game. Also the more money the teams raise the more the fans get in return. For example, they will hold a free hat or a free bobble head night. This brings up another good point, if you are one of the first 20,000 fans you can only receive this. So just another example of why the mlb should keep the games how they are and not shorten them. Shortening them would not only cripple the mlb but also the fans and their family. Another good point is that there really isnt any good reason to shorten games for it is not needed and unnecessary. The only reason the mlb states is to cut down on electricity costs. This means the lights and vendors but keeping the lights on a extra 20 minutes will help the mlb in the long run and help sustain the game of baseball we all know and love.

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Franklin had a lot of virtues to follow and I think it is impossible to follow every single virtue perfectly. But if they are tried you will succeed at most of them and be happy if you tried your very best. The one virtue I broke almost everyday was industry. Our group took industry as being on social media too much. I found my self on my phone or watching tv when I should of been studying or doing homework. Most kids my age would probably violate this virtue everyday. Resolution was hard to follow for the very same reason. I told myself I was going to study but would procrastinate and study later. I did follow sincerity pretty well this week and i also followed justice. I also followed the virtue of temperance because I did not drink or eat to excess. Temperance is a very easy virtue to follow. I also followed cleanliness which most people probably should. Our group actually got rid of the virtue of cleanliness because we felt staying clean is necessary and not everyone around the world has soap and water. We added a virtue to our project. The virtue was patriotism. We felt this was necessary because loving and supporting ones country is important to its success. Also we added confidence because it is important to have confidence when expressing ideas. I find humility a pretty pointless virtue. I followed this virtue but i really do not think it is important and Franklin should have cut it from the virtues list. I followed tranquility too. I didn’t get mad or upset at small things which i never do anyway.We  added the virtue of generosity because we felt it is important to help other people out and make there life better. That can anything from donating to a charity or just giving someone food to eat. Lastly I followed frugality. I did not buy anything I did not need and just things I needed. In total I followed just about all the virtues in exception to a few that are almost impossible to follow.  Image result for ben franklin

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My initial reaction to the poem “A Smile” is I have lots of questions. The poem has a meaning beyond its contents. It is a depressing and sad poem to read. For example the title “A Smile” is meaning to put on a smile to hide your sadness. I have many questions about the work. Such as, why is there breaks in the stanza between lines? Also there is part where there is three * in a stanza and I don’t know what that means. I would assume it is to cause effect and let the lines sink in as the reader reads them slowly. I also am wondering why is there so many allusions and why you decided to specifically put the ones you chose in the poem. They add to the work and also help develop the poems theme. The theme has to do with having dreams and not achieving them which causes sadness. The allusions back this up. I also am wondering why you made the first stanza about a song by the Eagles. I think the poem “A Smile” is about a person who had big dreams and is doesn’t reach them and is dealing with sadness. I conclude this idea because all the allusions deal with sadness and the title has a deeper meaning. The poem could also be that a reader will read this and work harder to make sure the feeling that the writer feels will not happen to him. All the allusions are effective but some are more important than others. The allusion “Hearing mermaids sing, but none to me” is the most important allusion because it shows how the mermaids will sing to about everybody but do not sing to him. This shows he is not wanted and is sad about this. Also the allusion “As dreamers lie” is important because it shows how dreams are lies and not real. Also the quote shows how dreams are not achievable to this person and he is a waste. Many of the allusions are useful, but these two in particular are very important to the poem an its theme. Image result for mercutio