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My first draft was actually pretty good. I was happy with the first draft just to get things started. It was about this kid who was not that good at baseball and was last in the batting order. In the end he hit the game winning home run and was remembered forever. The pitcher who was really really good was forgotten forever. I included a nice simile and metaphor that added to the poems content. I also used a clever allusion to tie the work together. My final draft was a piggy back off of my first poem in a way. I used the same last four lines of my first poem in my final draft because they defined the theme. I also included i different twist with more similes and better rhymes at the end of the lines. I used A B A B rhyme scheme. The one thing i dont know about my final draft is if my poem has a purpose or meaning for being written. I also do not know if I have enough content or words in the lines o make a meaningful sentence. My poem is obviously about baseball and to never give up. The team was down by one run in the bottom of the last inning and they came back to win the game and the championship. I made an allusion to babe ruth that is very important to the work because babe ruth is one of the greatest baseball players ever. This told the reader that the kid had potential if he is being compared to babe ruth. This is also important because every time someone talks about baseball you think Babe Ruth and his legend. The metaphor I used was the pitcher will never be remembered. This states that he was on no ones mind and left out. He is the one who lost the team the game and the batter will always be remembered because he won the game for them. I thought overall my final draft was decent but not sure about the meaning for the poem to be written.

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