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I do not like poetry at all. It is hard to read and interpret the correct meaning. Also I am not very good at writing poems. Some poems didn’t really make a whole lot of sense either. My first thought about reading poetry was oh great. When we read poetry last year I had the same thought. I don’t really enjoy reading poetry and interpreting the poems meanings. I feel like only the author truly knows the poems exact meaning. Writing your own poem is very complex as well. First you have to come up with an idea worth writing about and follow a specific form. Then you need to pick out a rhyme scheme and piece that together. Lastly, You type the poem up and read over it and realize it is not even a good poem. The one think I like about poetry is the rhyming. The rhymes make the poems easy to read and gives it a rhythm. After writing my own poem i realize how talented a writer must be in order to write a useful poem. I also realized there are multiple parts to writing a poem. The rhymes, form, and the hardest part is defining a theme. It is hard to have a definite theme in such a small piece of writing with so little words. I did think it was pretty easy to incorporate allusions and other literary devices. I used the rhyme scheme of A B A B and really liked linking every other line through a rhyme and really making the poem flow nicely. In my poem i included a metaphor which really explained how far the kid in my poem hit the baseball. I also included a simile comparing the kid to an ox. That showed how strong the kid really was. Overall, i did but i didn’t enjoy writing my own poem. In total, I do not like or reading poetry.

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