shoeless joe

I did not like the story Shoe less Joe. I found the story very dry and not useful. The story is mostly a fantasy in which none of the events will actually occur. Ray is told in a dream to build a baseball field so a pastime will come to play on it. The story occurs 60 years later after a scandal to Joe Jackson and his team in the world series. Ray grows up in a rural part of the country where he farms and lives for baseball. Ray goes to a game in Boston where he meets an author and he must convince him to come back to Iowa with him to show him this magical baseball field. This made me think that Ray was desperate to get the story of the baseball field out for him to travel all the way to Boston just to see a baseball game and meet this guy that he has only heard of. The author of this book did a poor job of convincing the reason for Ray to go to Boston. Once Ray meets this guy he describes the situation with the magical baseball field and the guy takes it all in and considers what his next move will be. Finally the guy says he will come to Iowa to witness this Magical baseball field and watch a game on it and publish a story depending if he enjoys the experience. This creates hope for the reader that Joe’s plan will come to fruition and turn out all right. It also shows how committed Ray is to figuring out what occurred in his dream and how he took the dream to heart and is figuring out the past. On the way back to Iowa Ray and the guy talk about the story and how the baseball field was built and all the work that was put into it to show the guy that this story is worth his time. Ray also discuss’s all the memories he had back in Iowa and all the magical games that were played on that field and how the players went on to do great things in life all do to the field and its magical “shoe less Joe” powers. When they arrive in Iowa there are old players and coaches their to great them and show them around. Once they reached the field the Players faces light up and the mysterious guy took it in writing on his notepad the whole experience. My reaction to this is kind of mixed. I understand that the field is special to the people of Iowa but it is just a baseball field and it can not have magical powers. Also why would this mysterious guy travel all the way to Iowa just to witness the pedestrian event occur. Also the author never specified why the field was so special and close to many of the people of Iowa. In the end the guy writes the story about the magical field and how he enjoyed the game that was played there. The guy goes on to say how the game felt magical and how he said that other people should visit the place where magic took place. In the end i did not like this story at all. It was really dry and didn’t have a lot to it. Also it was hard to understand what was happening. I do not recommend this book to anyone because it was a tough read and just plain awful. Also the book was very confusing due to all the different scene changes and all the different characters.

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