Blog 5

The six word short story i picked was “Easy. Just touch the match to”. I chose this short story because I knew I could formulate the six words into a story that had a good conflict. My story has three main characters. The characters are Mr. Johnson, Bobby and Billy Brand. Mr. Johnson lives on a ranch in Texas with his son. The Brand Brothers live on a neighboring farm and are very mischievously. They regularly “visit” Mr. Johnson’s farm and cause trouble. The Brand Brothers take Mr. Johnson’s tools and mess with his cows. One day Mr. Johnson was working on the ranch and The brothers were throwing rocks at the cows. Mr Johnson saw them and he grabbed his gun and walked back outside. The brothers saw Mr. Johnson with his gun and fled to Mr. Johnson’s shed. Mr. Johnson searched the farm for the brothers. He entered the shed and the brothers were taking Mr. Johnson’s tools. Mr. Johnson fired his gun and grazed Bobby on the leg. As Mr. Johnson was reloading his gun the brothers charged at him and they started to fight. The brothers eventually backed off as Mr. Johnson’s son came over as he heard the commotion and evened the fight. They drove the brothers off the property by shooting and trowing large rocks at them. Mr. Johnson also let his beagles out to scare them the rest of the way off the property. Later that evening, Mr. Johnson and his son were discussing how to keep the brothers off of the property. Mr. Johnson’s son said, “Easy. Just touch the match to”. This idea made Mr. Johnson’s face light up. The next day they went to the brothers house and made sure they were inside. Once they knew the brothers were inside, they barricaded the doors and windows. Mr. Johnson poured some gasoline near the house and dropped a match as his son says, “Easy. Just touch the match to”. This idea of this story came from learning about ranches in Texas and how people defended their land. My concept never really changed throughout the whole process. I kept the same idea the whole way through. Image result for texas ranch

Blog 4

Fair week was full of good times and GREAT food. The first few days of the fair were way too hot for my liking. I ate so much ice cream those first few days to combat the heat. Monday i went with friends and that was really fun. We walked around trying all the food. Also it was funny because every time we walked by the carnies they begged us to play their games. As the week went on it started to feel more and more like fall and fair weather. The ice cream was not needed and the hot chocolate was what i was craving. I also had four Vince’s cheese steaks during the course of the week. Overall the week was very fun but went by way too fast.Image result for ice cream
One event from the week was the football game Friday night. The weather was nice at Bloomsburg High School as the sun started to fall. The opponent was Heughsville. The game started of great with kick return for a touchdown on the very first play. Little did we know, those six points would be all we needed the whole game. But later in the first half we added another touchdown to make the score 13-0 at half. The game was going well but not great. We came out for the second half pumped and excited to finish them off. Six minutes in, rain started to pour down and the wind picked up. The rain mixed with the wind felt like ice hitting your body. We knew we must overcome this challenge in order to win the game. The second half we were going back and forth with Heughsville as the score remained 13-0. We had a few big plays but couldn’t get any points on the board. The rain then subsided and we played our game. We held the opponent to 0 points for the whole game. It was a shutout. We won the game 13-0 behind a good team effort. The one thing I would take away from the experience would to never underestimate an opponent. They were a good team but the game should not have been that close.Image result for football