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Oh shoot, its a shooter! Shooter’s theme is perseverance. Bobby had to be really focused and locked-in in order to have survived the movie and a prove his innocence. Shooter was set in Washington D.C at the time of a Presidential speech. The movie was also set in the Rocky mountains where Bobby lived in a remote shack. Bobby also goes around the country trying to find the people who set him up and kill them. The main character is Bobby Lee Swagger who was in the military. Other characters include Bobby’s friends wife, his old scout, and the people who set him up. The movie gives off a very dreary and unsettled mood. This creates suspense for the audience.

The setting in the movie Shooter helped develop the theme immensely. The theme of perseverance is reinforced through the setting because the setting provides obstacles that Bobby Lee Swagger must overcome. For example, in the movie, Washington D.C.’s setting of a crowded city caused swagger to hide and dodge his way out of trouble. There was cops and FBI agents everywhere and Bobby was forced to his limits to escape the city. Bobby Lee Swagger was the antagonist in the movie. He is the only main character throughout the movie. The metaphor of  “we let this country be run by thugs” shows Bobby’s displeasure in the government. Also this shows what side Bobby is on in the movie. Such as, he is on the small team of him and his scout. While his competition was the US government. realistically Bobby would have no chance of escaping the drama and would probably of died. Somehow he finds a way to persevere through the hard and dreary times. In the end Bobby comes face to face with the man who set him up. This is a great scene because it shows all that Bobby overcomes to track down this man. Bobby then kills the guy and leaves the area. Which wraps up the movie and shows Bobby’s perseverance.

Bobby’s journey throughout the movie really highlighted his perseverance and willpower to survive and show his true character.Image result for shooter the movieImage result for shooter the movie

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The week of notes on short story terminology was well worth it. We also had good discussions on the terms and how to implement them in different situations. I learned many new terms and definitions. For example, I learned the term Denouement. Denouement is the solving of a conflict created in the rising action. The terms will help me understand short stories better because I can now look for what the author’s purpose for writing the story is and what he/she is trying to say. Also how characters are divided into two groups based on their role in the story. The first group is Major and this describes the main characters in the book from beginning to end. The second group is all other characters which fall into the category of minor. This helps the reader pick out which characters matter and centered in the story. Also this term is useful for the reader because it can identify the main characters friends and enemies. Overall the notes and discussions we had in class were very useful in understanding short stories.

Week one was a good week as far as school goes and week two was more of the same. I had football practice and that went pretty well. I had a game as well. The one thing I didn’t like was I had a math summer work test which I had to study a lot for. Also my schedule remained the same which is a plus. Week two was probably better than week one honestly. This is the case because I got used to the schedule more and waking up early. Also I didn’t have to look at my scheduling paper this week to find my classes. I am starting to also get a feel how my classes are going to be this year and how much ill need to study for them. My hardest class will probably be math for sure. Its a lot of new concepts and different formulas i never learned before. The school lunch is also not as bad as remembered it to be. Overall, week two was successful week.


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