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My first week of school was pretty good for the most part. I liked all my classes and none of them seemed too hard. It was also good to see my friends again. I have five lunch and I don’t like it because its too early in the day to eat any lunch. I also had football practice everyday after school and that went pretty well. Then I had a game against Danville Friday night. The team played a good game even tho we lost. One thing I didn’t like about my schedule was that I don’t have any study halls. Some adjustments during the first week was getting used to new teachers and different subjects. I was surprised that some of classes don’t seem as hard as I originally thought. The school day ┬ájust seems to go quicker this year then it did this year. In total, it was a good first week of school.

One thing I learned about one of my classmates was that Jack has so many nicknames. Now that I know he has 8 different nicknames I can call him by them. Another thing I learned is that Evan wants to play baseball at Old Dominion and that is cool. I also learned that Zoey likes UNC for basketball and so do I. I would like Penn State basketball but, they are not very good. I learned a lot about different people during the presentations.

My favorite story is the Walking Dead, which, is a tv show. I like this show because it is a horror show and has lots of action. Also you can relate the cast members in the show. Rick is the main character and he is the center of the whole show. Whatever Rick does it affects everyone else. The Walking Dead is a great show that I highly recommend you watch.Image result for walking dead