Blog 9



So this blog is slightly late, like over a month so I’m just gonna go through some virtues I violated throughout this month since I can’t remember everything I violated the weekend this was assigned. So to start off the main and most important virtue I violated was Industry which is basically about how to keep your time organized and not procrastinate, but seeing that this blog is a month late I think I procrastinated pretty badly, and all the times that I could have done it I chose not too because I had better things to do, like watch Netflix. Now one thing I do remember from the weekend this was assigned is that I slept over at Joeys house and ate a whole box of zebra cakes along with a whole of captain crunch, but just the berries kind, so I violated the temperance virtue since I ate so much. Another virtue I have violated many times and every single day is the sincerity virtue since I basically make fun of chad all day everyday.  Another virtue is silence, I violated this because a lot of the stuff I say is said not to benefit people but to put them down and make them sad or angry, and I’ve made fun of a lot of people in the past month, but all in good spirits because I’m not a bully or anything like that. And finally the last virtue I violated was frugality since I bought a 15 dollar pick of destiny, from the greatest movie of all time Tenacious D and the Pick of Destiny, and I don’t really see it as a waste of money since its a guitar pick forged from the tooth of Satan himself, but my mom thinks its a waste so I guess I violated that virtue.

Blog 10




The article I chose for this blog is, “Why these friendly robots can’t be good friends to our kids.” The article talks about how there are these new robots being made that are like little friends to kids, and their argument is that the kids won’t learn any social skills with these robots since they are not real people, and have no actual emotion. But my argument against this, is that robots actually teach kids more social skills at an early age than anything else. One reason I think this is because I found a story about a kid with autism who had a robot that talks to him and makes him feel loved. Anthony, the kid, had many different therapy sessions with Zeno, the robot, and every time he went to one of these therapy sessions he started feeling more and more relaxed, until Zeno was like one of his best friends, and for a kid that has no friends that really means a lot. Another way robots are actually helping kids is how some of these social robots are being used to teach kids. These robots were being used in pre-schools to help kids learn math, and even art skills. Eventually these kids would grow to love the robots and take them everywhere because in the kids mind these robots are just like anyone else, they feel and think and love. The main reason that people are fighting against this is that they think its ethically wrong to make a child be friends with something that isn’t real and doesn’t think at all, but I think its the opposite because these are young kids we are talking about, and a lot of younger kids especially with disabilities don’t have a lot of friends and these robots can teach them basic social skills that will help these kids in the future. Also for the people that say that these relationships are not authentic, yoiu have to remember that people have relationships with non human things everyday, whether that be a pet, or a car, or anything you hold dear to you, ell this is all the same with these robots, you can love them and hold them and they can be just as a good a friend to a kid as a pet. So in conclusion, robots are actually very good friends to children and can teach them social skills rather than deprive them of the skills

Blog 11: Gun Control Con


My topic for the debate we will be doing in class is for gun control, and I will be fighting on the con side of the argument. So I will mainly be talking about how having gun control is a bad thing. This view on the topic is not particularly my view on the topic. My view is that there should be some restrictions on gun control like background checks and limits to what guns you are allowed to purchase, but not too many to where it limits our second amendment rights to where its basically not there anymore. I already know that background checks are required as of now with buying guns and that some guns are illegal to buy unless you’re like some big government dude. With a quick google search on gun control one of the first thing that came up was a pro con website giving differing views on either side of the gun control issue. Another website that showed up with a google search was the Wikipedia page and a page with facts on gun control. For a logical approach on this topic i’m going to find credible graphs and charts on differing topics within the fight on gun control. An ethical issue in this is that people might think it unethical to be able to buy guns without any control on how you get to buying it like background checks, because then anybody could buy a gun which can be very dangerous because hat if that person is a serial killer or just any mentally unstable person. One big emotion that I can bring in to play in this argument is patriotism, since it is our second amendment right to be able to own guns, and if you deny anyone that, then you are bringing shame to our country.

A Smile


So my initial reaction to the poem “A Smile”, is that it is a very painfully boring poem and makes me want to die. First of all, when I first read it, it was so boring and very confusing. I had no idea what I was reading, but after reading it a couple of times I started to understand that I was never gonna understand this poem and reading it over and over again will not help me, so I might as well just curl up in a ball and rethink my whole existence or why I even do school. Also every single person I talked to about this poem before class on Tuesday had no idea what it was about, not even the smartest people in the class knew what it was about. So that basically sums up how I feel about the poem. The first question I have about the poem is just why. Why does it have to be so confusing, why cant it just be easy to read instead of making me go through an existential crisis after reading it? My next question is for McGarry, and that is do you enjoy making our lives terrible? I have no idea what this poem is about, but i’m guessing its about a guy who gets attacked by a bear or something, and then something with mermaids and eagles and thunder. Honestly the allusions in this poem probably helped with the understanding, but I didn’t care enough to really go into depth with understanding the allusions, because I hate poetry. Now in order to get up to 350 words i’m gonna go back to talking about how this poem makes me feel since that’s easy to do. So lets out it this way, I’m usually a pretty happy person but once I read poetry It brings out the dark part of me and makes me want to drive a car into a day care. So lets just put all this poetry stuff behind us and go on to do more fun stuff like reading real stories, and now i’m almost at the word count so thank god and i’m tired and this isn’t a week late so just ignore that.

AR Book Blog


Detailed Summary

In a futuristic London Alex and his friends are all in the Korova bar where they all sit around and drink. But when they leave the bar they go on crime sprees in the night of London. They do many things like assault, robbery, car theft, and even rape. But the final crime out of all of these is the most brutal. Alex and his friends break into someones house and beat up the husband, and then rape the wife while the husband watches. After that Alex and the gang all go back to the Korova bar where Dim, one of the gang members, gets into a fight with Alex and then Alex punches Dim in the face. The other members of the gang don’t like this and slowly start to turn against Alex. On there next spree they break into a women’s house, but she calls the police so before Alex could escape Dim knocked him out. Alex was then apprehended by the police, where he learned that the woman he raped earlier had died. Alex gets sentenced to fourteen years in prison. He has a very hard time at first in prison, he gets beaten, and some inmates want to rape him. But after a few years it gets better because the jail chaplain becomes friends with Alex, and he teaches Alex about the Bible. Alex likes the bible because he enjoys the fights and drinking he can find in the book. Alex then kills another inmate and is selected to be in a new experimental program called the Ludovico’s Technique. It is a form of brainwashing that you inject Alex with a serum that makes him super sick, and then they make him watch violent movies so that he associates violence with being in pain. After going through 2 weeks of this treatment he is completely crime free, and is released from jail after only 2 years because he is harmless. Once the other gang members get news of Alex being released, Dim and an old enemy named Billy Bob take Alex into the middle of nowhere and beat him up. Alex then finds a house and begs for shelter, and he notices that the man is the husband of the woman he raped and killed a few years ago his name is F. Alexander. Once the man hears about what happened to Alex and ho the state brainwashed him, he tries to rise up and take down the state. They want Alex to make public appearances, but Alex does not want too, F. Alexander then recognizes the language that Alex and his friends used to speak, so he locks Alex in a room and blast classical music, which reminds Alex of violence, until Alex throws himself out of a window. Alex does not die from the fall and then because of this the public is outraged that a man could try to kill himself from a treatment, so they repeal the Ludovico’s Technique, and they restore Alex to his old self, and he starts a new gang and goes back to crime.

My Thoughts

I think that this book was really good, I liked how it wasn’t just them doing crime all the time, there was a whole story line involving the corrupt government. I especially liked how he started the book all bad, and then he turned super innocent for at least half of it, but by the end he was the same person that he started out as. So It’s kind of like nothing really mattered to Alex, but it did matter to the corrupt government, because Alex’s actions got rid of the experiments that drove Alex to try to commit suicide.

6 Word Short Story



The six word short story I chose was “Music came from the abandoned house”, I chose this because I wanted to do a scary type of story and that was the scariest story to choose from out of all of them I think, also it is getting close to Halloween so I think this is a proper choice of story. My story is about a 19 year old boy named Mason Bailey who lives in 1989 Nuggetsville, Kentucky. Mason has always been smarter than all of his friends in his small town, he is top of his class and is part of multiple clubs in his school, but everything changes when people start to get murdered in his town one by one. The only thing that connects the murders is the letter C, the murderer always puts this somewhere either on the victim or on the wall around the victim. The killings don’t really affect Mason until he comes home one day and finds his mother dead in his living room, and the letter C carved into her side. This is the moment that Mason vows to go after this killer and take him down, but the killer has the same agenda. My idea for this story came from my love of horror movies and suspenseful dramas, so I just had to write a horror story. Originally I was going to write a ghost story, but I decided later that I would keep it real and not go into the supernatural realm of things. Also I was thinking about making Mason dumb since he lives in Kentucky, but I decided that he needs to be smart since he is going to try to track down a killer and a dumb person cant do that. Another thing I changed and kind of still am deciding on now is whether or not I want the killer to be smart too so it’s kind of a match of wits, or make the killer kind of smart, but more crazy and strong than smart. So I still have to decide on that, but I am leaning for the match of wits story.

Fair Week



In the past couple years I have never really been too fond of the fair, I used to go all the time when I was younger but recently I haven’t found the fun in it. That was until this year when I went almost everyday with a bunch of different friends, I don’t know what changed but I guess I found the fun in eating all day and hanging out with friends. One fun experience from this years fair is when I went on Saturday. I showed up to the fair around 1 and stayed until 11, I picked up a friend and we walked around and ate for about 2 hours until the members of teen star, from the last time they did teen star, were performing at the free-stage. After that I met up with Patrick, who graduated last year and we walked around for a while and ate yet more. After that I went to go see Re-creation at the free-stage because 2 of my friends are in the group and I wanted to support them, the show was pretty awesome and I almost lost my voice cheering so much. Once Re-creation was over I did a couple more laps around the fair and met up with more friends, and ate even more food. I remember one of my friends was repeatedly told to shut up from me and random people at the fair because he is so annoying, I wont name that friend but it rhymes with mad. After walking and eating even more me and some friends went to go see the 8:30 Re-creation show which was just as good as the earlier show and they performed different stuff than the first show which was cool. Once that was over we talked with our friends who are in Re-creation for a while and then we walked around and ate again. After walking and eating for a whole day we decided it was time to leave, plus all the food stands were closing so we all split off and went home. In conclusion, this year at the fair I had a lot of fun eating all day and hanging out with friends, so one thing to take away from this is eating equals happiness.