Blog 21



So far I think that The Adventures of Huckleberry Fin is not the worst book I’ve ever read, but it also isn’t the best book I have ever read. I enjoy reading it because it has an intriguing story line, but I also don’t like reading it because I’m not a big fan of reading. it is a lot better than I expected though because when we read books in school usually they are boring and no one ever wants to read them because our society these days has something against books, but it is a good book and a lot better than initially thought it would be. I think it is interesting how it is kind of a sequel to Tom Sawyer, where it has tom in it but he isn’t the main character and his friend actually is, so it is kinda like a spin off of it, but a lot more inappropriate. I like the story so far it keeps me intrigued, but I just really am not a big fan of reading so that is my least favorite part, but i’m glad were doing it in parts because I would never just sit down and read this book by myself, I need to do it in sections or I would get bored.

Blog 20





I really enjoyed the jumping frog story, because I like how Wheeler knew right away that the narrator thought of him as a dumb person, so wheeler decided to prove him wrong by just wasting all of the narrators time which I think is pretty funny. I really liked the way we handled AR in the 3rd quarter because I actually read my book, and I liked how we only had to read one book. I also love making movies or small trailers because it’s fun. So far it seems kinda slow, like it’ll probably get better but as of now it’s not the best book I’ve ever read. It’s probably gonna end up being a book where Huck has to find himself and overcome a challenge.



I haven’t had much experience with satire, since I’ve only just been told what it actually is, but I’ve had to deal with humor, from watching SNL every weekend with my dad, and my dad just being his dumb funny self all the time. The humor I enjoy the most is dark humor, a good example of this is from Anthony Jeselnick’s Netflix special Thoughts and Prayers. That special is probably my favorite comedy specials, next to both of Bo Burnham’s specials. So overall my type of comedy is dark comedy or just really dumb humor.

As of now I know nothing about Mark Twain except for what I’ve heard about in class, but after doing some research I think its pretty interesting that as a baby twain was not expected to live, and if he died, then this entry would have been a lot different.

Blog 19

So far Vertigo has been a really good movie, the plot is intriguing and not what I expected at all. Also I usually do not like old movies because I don’t like the way they look, I only really like movies from the 80’s and up, but the plot of this one is so good that I hate having to wait for this class period to watch it, i just wanna watch it all in one sitting. I could do that on my own but I also don’t want to spoil the movie so i’m stuck waiting until class. At first I thought this was just gonna be a detective story about a guy with vertigo, but I really like the sci-fi aspect of it with the spirit and everything. there isn’t really much I didn’t like about the film so far I think it is very good and intriguing, but if there was one thing I didn’t like its that the very beginning is kinda slow but that’s it. I predict that maybe he died at the beginning and is a ghost kinda like the sixth sense, but that’s probably not true. I don’t have any other predictions but the endings gonna be crazy so I can’t wait. As i said I think it’s a great film, so I don’t have any critiques, maybe i’ll get more by the end.

Blog 18







My reaction to, Song of Myself, is that its definitely not as bad as all of the other poems we have read and it is fairly easy to read compared to them. The other section of the poem that I liked the most is section 14. I like this section because it goes back to the roots of transcendentalism, and compares people to nature. I think its the most important section too because of this. Parts of the poem that are still reflected today are the parts about the talkers, and the part where it compares us to animals because it shows diversity, and nurturing, and love and all that is still very relevant today.


I still have questions on most parts of the poem since I still didn’t understand some of it, that was until we went over it in class so now I feel I have a pretty good grasp on what this whole poem is about. On a scale of 1-10 I would rate this a solid 7, because it was good but still not great since i’m not a big fan of poetry.

Blog 15: Thoreaus’s Attempt


The connection that I could make between Thoreau and Emerson’s thoughts is that Emerson’s thoughts on nature and being self reliant go hand and hand with the idea of being at Walden pond. They also both believe that nature s what forces us not to depend on others’ ideas but to develop our own. Also like Emerson, Thoreau wants to live a simple life, so he could find a deeper meaning. The main idea of the first part of the excerpt from “Walden”, “Where I Lived And What I Lived For” is if you live in nature and you live simply it will make you your best self. The main idea of the last part of the excerpt from “Walden”, “The Conclusion” is if you follow your own path and not follow anyone but yourself you will live a happy life. The benefits of leaving behind society and going into nature would be that you wouldn’t have to worry about anyone but yourself when you are in the woods and you can find your best self. You would miss all the things going on in the world around you whether that be technological advancements, or even wars. I would not be able to do this because I love my life how it is and I don’t like nature because there are bugs and its dirty and no showers so I’ll pass on that. I think one of the best lessons you can learn from transcendentalism is to not rely on anyone else but yourself, because then it teaches people to fend for themselves and when a kid is taught this and then becomes an adult they would be very prepared for life compared to other people.

Blog 17: Civil Disobedience

After reading Thoreau’s excerpt of “Civil Disobedience”, I think that a government should be able to govern, because that is the point of having a government and without it governing what is the point of having one in the first place. The role of the government is to help the people and do things that the average citizen cant do because they don’t have enough power. A kind of government that commands your respect is a dictatorship, because if you disrespect the government in places that have a dictatorship, then you will either go to jail or just get publicly executed. Martin Luther King Jr. has become the guide to modern protests movements because he started the marches, and stand ins and other peaceful protests like that, and his were the first time they were really listened to and big in the news. The role of civil disobedience today is still pretty prominent, from the women’s march to the school walkouts happening soon, people are still peacefully protesting maybe even more than ever. It is still effective because protests like these make national news all the time showing that people are listening.

Independent Reading Blog


The purpose of independent reading is to keep kids reading in schools and not have it die out, I think AR is a pretty good way to keep kids reading because it threatens them with a grade so that they read. The book I selected is called, Living With Jackie Chan, I picked this book because I couldn’t pick a book for myself so I just picked one of the blind date books and this is what I got.So far in the first chapter Josh, is leaving his old town to go live with his uncle, Larry, and he just got to the house and that’s when the chapter ends, I think that eventually we are gonna find out the reason Josh left his old town. So far the book sounds pretty good. I think its really cool that we are creating movie trailers for the books, because my brother did this a couple years ago, and I have been excited since then to do this.

Blog 14: Transcendentalism


My initial thoughts on transcendentalism is that it is very confusing, especially all of the excerpts we had to read. I found that once reading and going over the excerpts they were much easier to understand. Overall I think the transcendentalism is a good concept though, showing that we should be one with nature and that we should be our own person and not copy anyone else and just be who we are. I think that a man can be naturally good, but without society and its rules there would be havoc all around the world because people are more like followers than leaders. Society in our world keeps order and keeps people from doing things they shouldn’t and without this then people wouldn’t know what to do and they would run around and do whatever they want which would be terrible. An example of this is this little boy who was at skatetown the other day, now i work there so I have to enforce the rules, but this kid did not follow any of rules, he ran around and opened employees only doors, and went onto the skate floor without skates on and even stole skates from inside the skate rental area, now if this kid knew the rules he would not have done any of this, but since he didn’t he decided to just do whatever he wanted.

Blog 13


I think that my view on argument in general has changed throughout this debating experience, because after lots of research and class time working on my argument, I learned how to argue better then I ever have before. Before this I used a lot of fallacies in most of my everyday arguments, like calling chad stupid for example, but after debating though I did use some, I used a lot less fallacies than I would have if I never learned about them. Now for my peers, I think that most of their arguments were pretty solid, there were some that were weak but for the most part everyone had a good idea of what they were doing and made a legitimate argument for their topic. I think that some kids could have been more confident within their debates and that would have made all the difference. Adults on the other hand have a lot more experience than us kids have with arguments and which is why they argue a lot better than us. The speech that I wrote for the class was one of the hardest parts of this though, because I had to find credible facts for everything I said, and the citing was difficult since I forgot to do it at first and had to go back and find all of my sources again, but overall it wasn’t that bad of an experience, I learned how to argue a lot better and how to argue in front of crowds, even though it was only a class full of people. I think that the best debate I saw in our class was Alexa’s debate, I liked hers because I think that she was very well prepared and her questions killed, she basically got the other person to admit to being on her side, I think that right there is exactly how you should argue she did it perfectly.