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In the first poem, Disillusionment of 10 o’clock, in the very beginning it talks about how there are people in white night gowns, and how they are all exactly the same, but the only person that is different from everybody in the white gowns is the drunk guy, which is showing how he is different form everybody in society. It also shows that everybody in the house that the drunk guy is in are very basic and have no imagination, but he is the only one with an imagination. The theme of, anyone lived in a pretty how town, is that this guy named anyone lives in this town where everyone around him just goes on with their lives and really cares about no one but themselves and their children, but then anyone fell in love with noone and they both died, but the town just kept going on with what they always did and didn’t care much. The theme for, a Love song, is not actually love but how J. Alfred Prufrock views himself, and with evidence throughout the poem, he does not like himself very much, because he is very hard on himself. They are connected because they all focus on one guy who is different from everybody else in the poems, the sailor has an imagination, and anyone didn’t just go on with his life not caring, and Alfred’s character was at a dinner party with very rich people. I think, Disillusionment of 10 O’clock, could be most applicable today because there aren’t many people left who have pure imaginations, most people just follow the crowd. I like, Disillusionment of 10 O’clock the most because for one, its the shortest, but also I think it’s funny how the drunk sailor who just sits around all day is the hero of the story.

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