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The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn overall was a very good book, I usually get pretty bored reading because i’m not as big into it as I used to be, but this book actually kept me pretty interested throughout, especially when the king and the duke showed up. I kind of expected it to be pretty good because everyone hypes this book up so much since basically everyone who went to school has read it so I think its pretty much as good as I expected. It definitely accomplished it’s themes because it had a lot of themes throughout this and I understand all of them so it definitely accomplished them in some way or another. Compared to other things I have read it’s definitely up there because I have read a decent amount of books, but honestly can’t remember most of them but they were about as good as Huck Finn. I thought the end of the book was crazy and does not need to be changed, from when they tried to free Jim and Tom getting shot and then it getting revealed that the dead guy earlier was actually Pap, I thought it was pretty awesome and crazy. I think that this novel does still apply to our society today because why would it be such a popular book and why would we still be reading it if it didn’t.

The project y group is doing is, we are taking Huck Finn and making it all modern and then putting it into a vlog format, like a classic youtube vlogger. We picked this because we thought it was cool, and I expect it to come out pretty good.

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