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An important part in the beginning of these chapters is in chapter 30, is when the Duke stops The Dauphin from strangling Huck, this shows that the duke has morals and doesn’t want to see someone die, or maybe he even cares for Huck a little bit. The next important thing that happened was when the Dauphin kidnapped Jim and sold him to Silas Phelps, this sends the story into its next conflict. We meet Silas and Sally Phelps in these chapters they own a farm where Jim is being held since the Dauphin sold Jim to them. We learn that they are not the best people because they have slaves, but they are very nice to Tom and Huck, so they are more morally grey characters. One character that really developed in these chapters is Huck, once he learns that Jim is missing, he really has to mature in order to find Jim and he really has to step up. The Phelps farm in the novel, is symbolic towards Huck finally coming back to civilization after being on the raft for so long. I don’t really know where the plot line is heading, maybe they wont end up saving Jim until the end of the book, or there could be a fight between Huck and the Phelps, But out of those I think that they wont end up saving Jim until the end.

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