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The author I chose is Patrick Rothfuss, I chose him because I have always enjoyed fantasy books, mainly from reading all of the Percy Jackson series as a kid. Patrick’s primary form of work is novels, his most famous novel is The Name of the Wind. This impacted my consideration, because I hate poetry so that was out right off the bat, and I actually wanted to read a full story and I love fantasy books so I chose Rothfuss.

The first most interesting book he wrote is The Name of the Wind, it’s interesting because it is his first big novel he wrote and it was very famous. The next book is The Wise Mans Fear, which is the sequel to The Name of the Wind, and still follows the same story of the first book and I like fantasy so that’s why its interesting. The last book is called The Slow Regard of Silent Things this one is interesting because it is the third installment of his series, and it is also fantasy and really cool.

A cool fact about Patrick Rothfuss is that he went to college for almost a decade, and used to write really bad books to show how not to write books.

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