I haven’t had much experience with satire, since I’ve only just been told what it actually is, but I’ve had to deal with humor, from watching SNL every weekend with my dad, and my dad just being his dumb funny self all the time. The humor I enjoy the most is dark humor, a good example of this is from Anthony Jeselnick’s Netflix special Thoughts and Prayers. That special is probably my favorite comedy specials, next to both of Bo Burnham’s specials. So overall my type of comedy is dark comedy or just really dumb humor.

As of now I know nothing about Mark Twain except for what I’ve heard about in class, but after doing some research I think its pretty interesting that as a baby twain was not expected to live, and if he died, then this entry would have been a lot different.

Blog 19

So far Vertigo has been a really good movie, the plot is intriguing and not what I expected at all. Also I usually do not like old movies because I don’t like the way they look, I only really like movies from the 80’s and up, but the plot of this one is so good that I hate having to wait for this class period to watch it, i just wanna watch it all in one sitting. I could do that on my own but I also don’t want to spoil the movie so i’m stuck waiting until class. At first I thought this was just gonna be a detective story about a guy with vertigo, but I really like the sci-fi aspect of it with the spirit and everything. there isn’t really much I didn’t like about the film so far I think it is very good and intriguing, but if there was one thing I didn’t like its that the very beginning is kinda slow but that’s it. I predict that maybe he died at the beginning and is a ghost kinda like the sixth sense, but that’s probably not true. I don’t have any other predictions but the endings gonna be crazy so I can’t wait. As i said I think it’s a great film, so I don’t have any critiques, maybe i’ll get more by the end.

Blog 18







My reaction to, Song of Myself, is that its definitely not as bad as all of the other poems we have read and it is fairly easy to read compared to them. The other section of the poem that I liked the most is section 14. I like this section because it goes back to the roots of transcendentalism, and compares people to nature. I think its the most important section too because of this. Parts of the poem that are still reflected today are the parts about the talkers, and the part where it compares us to animals because it shows diversity, and nurturing, and love and all that is still very relevant today.


I still have questions on most parts of the poem since I still didn’t understand some of it, that was until we went over it in class so now I feel I have a pretty good grasp on what this whole poem is about. On a scale of 1-10 I would rate this a solid 7, because it was good but still not great since i’m not a big fan of poetry.