Blog 17: Civil Disobedience

After reading Thoreau’s excerpt of “Civil Disobedience”, I think that a government should be able to govern, because that is the point of having a government and without it governing what is the point of having one in the first place. The role of the government is to help the people and do things that the average citizen cant do because they don’t have enough power. A kind of government that commands your respect is a dictatorship, because if you disrespect the government in places that have a dictatorship, then you will either go to jail or just get publicly executed. Martin Luther King Jr. has become the guide to modern protests movements because he started the marches, and stand ins and other peaceful protests like that, and his were the first time they were really listened to and big in the news. The role of civil disobedience today is still pretty prominent, from the women’s march to the school walkouts happening soon, people are still peacefully protesting maybe even more than ever. It is still effective because protests like these make national news all the time showing that people are listening.

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