Blog 14: Transcendentalism


My initial thoughts on transcendentalism is that it is very confusing, especially all of the excerpts we had to read. I found that once reading and going over the excerpts they were much easier to understand. Overall I think the transcendentalism is a good concept though, showing that we should be one with nature and that we should be our own person and not copy anyone else and just be who we are. I think that a man can be naturally good, but without society and its rules there would be havoc all around the world because people are more like followers than leaders. Society in our world keeps order and keeps people from doing things they shouldn’t and without this then people wouldn’t know what to do and they would run around and do whatever they want which would be terrible. An example of this is this little boy who was at skatetown the other day, now i work there so I have to enforce the rules, but this kid did not follow any of rules, he ran around and opened employees only doors, and went onto the skate floor without skates on and even stole skates from inside the skate rental area, now if this kid knew the rules he would not have done any of this, but since he didn’t he decided to just do whatever he wanted.

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