A Smile


So my initial reaction to the poem “A Smile”, is that it is a very painfully boring poem and makes me want to die. First of all, when I first read it, it was so boring and very confusing. I had no idea what I was reading, but after reading it a couple of times I started to understand that I was never gonna understand this poem and reading it over and over again will not help me, so I might as well just curl up in a ball and rethink my whole existence or why I even do school. Also every single person I talked to about this poem before class on Tuesday had no idea what it was about, not even the smartest people in the class knew what it was about. So that basically sums up how I feel about the poem. The first question I have about the poem is just why. Why does it have to be so confusing, why cant it just be easy to read instead of making me go through an existential crisis after reading it? My next question is for McGarry, and that is do you enjoy making our lives terrible? I have no idea what this poem is about, but i’m guessing its about a guy who gets attacked by a bear or something, and then something with mermaids and eagles and thunder. Honestly the allusions in this poem probably helped with the understanding, but I didn’t care enough to really go into depth with understanding the allusions, because I hate poetry. Now in order to get up to 350 words i’m gonna go back to talking about how this poem makes me feel since that’s easy to do. So lets out it this way, I’m usually a pretty happy person but once I read poetry It brings out the dark part of me and makes me want to drive a car into a day care. So lets just put all this poetry stuff behind us and go on to do more fun stuff like reading real stories, and now i’m almost at the word count so thank god and i’m tired and this isn’t a week late so just ignore that.

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