6 Word Short Story



The six word short story I chose was “Music came from the abandoned house”, I chose this because I wanted to do a scary type of story and that was the scariest story to choose from out of all of them I think, also it is getting close to Halloween so I think this is a proper choice of story. My story is about a 19 year old boy named Mason Bailey who lives in 1989 Nuggetsville, Kentucky. Mason has always been smarter than all of his friends in his small town, he is top of his class and is part of multiple clubs in his school, but everything changes when people start to get murdered in his town one by one. The only thing that connects the murders is the letter C, the murderer always puts this somewhere either on the victim or on the wall around the victim. The killings don’t really affect Mason until he comes home one day and finds his mother dead in his living room, and the letter C carved into her side. This is the moment that Mason vows to go after this killer and take him down, but the killer has the same agenda. My idea for this story came from my love of horror movies and suspenseful dramas, so I just had to write a horror story. Originally I was going to write a ghost story, but I decided later that I would keep it real and not go into the supernatural realm of things. Also I was thinking about making Mason dumb since he lives in Kentucky, but I decided that he needs to be smart since he is going to try to track down a killer and a dumb person cant do that. Another thing I changed and kind of still am deciding on now is whether or not I want the killer to be smart too so it’s kind of a match of wits, or make the killer kind of smart, but more crazy and strong than smart. So I still have to decide on that, but I am leaning for the match of wits story.

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