Fair Week



In the past couple years I have never really been too fond of the fair, I used to go all the time when I was younger but recently I haven’t found the fun in it. That was until this year when I went almost everyday with a bunch of different friends, I don’t know what changed but I guess I found the fun in eating all day and hanging out with friends. One fun experience from this years fair is when I went on Saturday. I showed up to the fair around 1 and stayed until 11, I picked up a friend and we walked around and ate for about 2 hours until the members of teen star, from the last time they did teen star, were performing at the free-stage. After that I met up with Patrick, who graduated last year and we walked around for a while and ate yet more. After that I went to go see Re-creation at the free-stage because 2 of my friends are in the group and I wanted to support them, the show was pretty awesome and I almost lost my voice cheering so much. Once Re-creation was over I did a couple more laps around the fair and met up with more friends, and ate even more food. I remember one of my friends was repeatedly told to shut up from me and random people at the fair because he is so annoying, I wont name that friend but it rhymes with mad. After walking and eating even more me and some friends went to go see the 8:30 Re-creation show which was just as good as the earlier show and they performed different stuff than the first show which was cool. Once that was over we talked with our friends who are in Re-creation for a while and then we walked around and ate again. After walking and eating for a whole day we decided it was time to leave, plus all the food stands were closing so we all split off and went home. In conclusion, this year at the fair I had a lot of fun eating all day and hanging out with friends, so one thing to take away from this is eating equals happiness.