Blog 3: Theme








The theme that I chose for Pans Labyrinth is to be selfless I chose this because there are so many examples of this throughout the film, First of all in the very beginning of the film it talks about how Ofelia was a princess in an underground kingdom, and that she wanted to see what the world was like above so she went to the surface, but once she saw the sun it erased all memories of her kingdom and she was adopted by a poor couple, she then goes to live with her step dad who is an evil Spanish army general and she meets a Faun who says she has to complete tasks in order to prove that she is the real princess. She then goes through a couple tasks that have a theme of being selfless and not selfish, for example one quest is to go retrieve an item from a monster who sits at a table with a large feast on it and as long as she doesn’t eat anything the monster wont wake up, but she was selfish and ate something not thinking of the consequences, so once she eats the food the monster wakes up and eats a couple fairy’s who were her friends and they died because of her selfishness. The final task she has to complete is take her baby brother into the labyrinth to the Faun, because her brother is the key to letting Ofelia back into the kingdom. Ofelia takes her brother into the labyrinth but she is being chased by Spanish guards, once she finds the Faun he says that she must sacrifice her brother in order to return to her kingdom, but she refuses and refuses but the Faun keeps insisting she must do it very soon or else she cant go back. But in an act of selflessness, Ofelia sacrifices herself instead and then when she awakens she is in her kingdom where her real father and mother are, and the Faun explains to her that she has proven herself worthy of returning and that this was all a test to see if she was selfless or not.






Second Week




Although going over notes is not particularly my favorite thing to do, I had a lot of fun going over the notes this week, mainly from the comedy that you put into your class but also because I liked that the notes were already typed out and I didn’t have to sit in class bored the whole time while I write down notes.¬†One thing from the notes that changed my view on stories is that the protagonist isn’t always the good guy and the antagonist isn’t always the bad guy, this changed my view because I’ve been basically taught that the protagonist is always good and the antagonist bad. But now that I think of it there are so many stories that say otherwise from Macbeth like you said, and American Psycho, and also Mein Kampf. Also one thing that we talked about that can relate to a story I know is foreshadowing. Foreshadowing in this case relates to Mean Girls, because in the very beginning of mean girls Cady Heron is walking to the school and she almost gets hit by as bus, and this foreshadows how Regina George will get hit by a bus later in the movie. I’ve always loved foreshadowing because you may not realize it’s foreshadowing at first but then later in the movie you’re like, “ooooohhh I get it”.

So far the second week of school has been overall better mainly because I have my license now so I’ve driven to school every morning and It is awesome being able to drive yourself around. Also compared to last week I am a lot more organized because I know what i’m doing and the classes i’m in are starting to get more serious. But one bad thing about this week is now that i’m doing Fusion I have to wake up early and go to school earlier, which sucks because I love sleep. I guess another bad thing about last week was that we lost to southern 49-0, but whats new.