First Week of School

My first week of school has gone pretty good so far, I passed my drivers test which is awesome because now i can hit up the streets all the time, I also started fusion which is a small chorus group that Mr. Latsha runs and that is going very well so far. Another good thing that happened last week was beating Sullivan county even though it wasn’t too good of a game, a wins a win. Other than those things school has been going pretty good, because I like all of my classes this year except Spanish since its a waste of time.

Something I learned that was interesting was that Emaley has traveled to so many different country’s for the Broadway Kids company, this is interesting because I thought that she just went to New York for this and I have a lot more respect for it now that I know that she travels to cool places all the time. Another cool thing that I saw in Eric’s documentary was all the jokes in it, I love Eric’s jokes and since he wasn’t here all of last year it was nice to hear some good Eric jokes again.

My favorite story is definitely the story line to the Flash TV show and comics. I like this story because there are so many different stories involved in The Flash universe, that you could read different flash comics and they are all gonna be super different, but my favorite out of all of them is the Flashpoint series, this is my favorite because the Flash goes back in time and just messes everything up and then he has to live with all these problems that he created by messing with the timeline. I especially like this because it affects every DC hero since the Flash changed the whole universe, so there are comics for Batmans time in flashpoint and every other DC hero.