Quarter 3 AR Book 2

The second book i read was Doctor Sleep , it was written by Stephen King and published in September 24, 2013. This book is about Danny Torrance, who was the kid in The Shining, and in this movie he is still being haunted by the ghosts from the Overlook, and he has to learn how to capture the ghosts in his mind, then aided by a cat Danny becomes Doctor Sleep. Danny then meets Abra Stone who releases all of his demons and there is a final battle between them. I would recommend this book, but make sure you read The Shining before it.

Quarter 3 AR Book 1

The first book i read was Cujo, it was written by Stephen king and published on September 8, 1981. This book is about the Camber family, who are a family that recently moved into town, and their dog Cujo goes out chasing a rabbit and gets bit by a bat and gets infected. Donna and Tad then go into the town in a car and find Cujo, who is angry and attacks them, and now they are stuck in a car, and must find a way to escape Cujo. I recommend this book because it is a very good thriller, and I like dogs.