Second quarter AR 2

The second book I read was another Stephen King book called Carrie, it is a horror novel published in 1974. Carrie is a girl who lives in an abusive house, where her mother abuses her everyday, also at school Carrie isn’t much better since she has no friends, and she has telekinesis so that’s pretty cool. But eventually a popular boy from school asks Carrie to prom as a joke and at prom they dump pigs blood on Carrie which causes her to go overboard killing many people in her school with her powers. I would recommend this book because it is pretty good, and Carrie has telekinesis which is awesome.

Second quarter AR 1

The Shining is a horror book by Stephen King. Published in 1977. It is a very good book about a man who goes crazy taking care of a house in the Colorado Rockies. The plot centers on Jack Torrance, his wife Wendy, and their 5-year-old son Danny, who move into the hotel after Jack accepts the position as winter caretaker. Throughout the book Danny starts to see ghosts in the Hotel, and Jack starts to go crazy and tries to kill his family. I would recommend everyone read this book because it is a very good book and really draws the reader in.