The good, the bad, and the ugly

Overall Junior year kicked my butt and caused a lot of stress, however I made it through. The year seemed to go extremely slow but as soon as it hit February it seemed to fly by. I honestly cant believe that we are going to be seniors because it seems we were just coming into highschool as freshman.The amount of nights I sat at 11:30 hoping to get my blogs done by 12 is too many to count. I liked working on assignments in groups because some of them were rather lengthy. I liked Huck Finn probably the best out of all the work we have done this year. I was not a fan of the poetry we did because I struggle to interpret the meaning behind the works. I wasnt a fan of AR but then again who really is. I found myself struggling to even find the time and motivation to read any books yet alone write an essay on them. Not gonna lie the essay was done less than a week before the due date.  I would have liked to see the classcraft used a little bit more but other than that i really dont have anything negative to say. At times it was a lot of work, but I feel like I benefited from it and it will help me going forward in highschool and college. I liked that the class had a casual atmosphere and that you werent afraid to joke and have fun with us. A lot of teachers dont try to include humor in their class ,but as a student its nice to see a laid back teacher who isnt strict all of the time. My goals next year are to maintain my grades and try not to procrastinate as much as I did this year. My procrastination came back to bite me most of the time. I am trying to challenge myself with my classes next year to prepare me for college. Its important to be able to balance your social life with your “school” life so thats something I will definitely be working on and improving.